Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips – 1

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Four days ago, in Part 1, we began to review the many money saving tips on your home’s heating bill this winter which will cost you absolutely nothing to do. Yes, these are both free money savings and energy conservation tips all in one.

Today we begin our review of the money saving, energy conservation, suggestions to reduce your home’s heating bills which will cost you a little but can save you a lot year after year after year.

Remember, you can view the entire list of our space heating savings ideas by using the vertical scroll bar on the listing below. As well, if you use the horizontal scroll bar, you can see more information about these money savings tips such as ease of implementation, financial payback, and more.

Number 281, Air Filter Replacement Frequency. Sure, you can have your furnace professionally cleaned by a licensed professional each year (and you should) to make sure it is running efficiently. However, if you do not also replace its air filter when it is dirty, two or perhaps even three times a year (depending on your particular home’s situation and variables), it will take a greater effort for your furnace (natural gas or home heating oil based) to push in cool air within the home through the heating mechanism and out through the duct work. The harder your furnace has to work, the more energy it consumes and up go your home’s heating bills.

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Number 282, Wear Slippers to Keep Feet Warm In House. We all know that ward air rises to the top. So, if the cooler air tends to be around the floor of a room, your feet will begin to feel colder before the rest of your body. So, remember to wear slippers (or purchase some if you don’t have any) to help keep your feet warmer. Warm feet help keep the body warmer and will let you lower the temperature setting on your home’s thermostat, causing the furnace to run less frequently to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for you.

Number 283, Use Sun Room To Help Heat House. For those with sun rooms, perhaps consider placing a small portable fan on its floor and leave the door open to the rest of the house during sunny days. This will help push the air in the sun room heated by the sun into the rest of the house causing the furnace to run less often and save you on your heating bills.

Number 284, Door Socks. We have used these in the past at the foot of doors to infrequently used rooms to keep the cool air in such rooms away from the rest of the house. They are not expensive at all.

Number 285, Use Pets To Keep You Warm. Our pet dog, Sandy, likes to snuggle at night to keep herself warm. What she doesn’t realize is that she is also helping to keep us warm.

Number, 286, Hold a Party for Guests’ Body Heat. A humorous, yet intriguing, suggestion from one of the visitors to last year.

Number 287, Programmable Thermostat. Don’t leave it up to chance, or your memory, or the memory of  others in your home, to turn the heat down at night before you go to bed. Programmable thermostats are do not cost much money, and many home owners can install it themselves (once first reading the instructions … yes, even you guys!) yet once installed you set it and forget it. icon smile Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips   1 Let technology remember to turn the temperature down at night and turn it back up in the morning just before you rise. You can even, on most models, have additional settings during the day so it turns the temperature down when you typically leave for work on a work day and turn it back up again just before you typically return home at night. These types of energy conservation products will save you lots and lots of money through reduced heating bills.

Number 288, Weather Stripping (exterior doors), and Number 289, Weather Stripping (cold cellar door). Make sure that the weather stripping on the left side, the right side and the top of the door frame for your exterior and cold cellar doors are actually working to keep out the cold air in the winter (and the hot air in the summer). There should be no gaps between the exterior surface of these doors and the weather stripping of their door frames. If they are worn, replace them. It does not cost very much.

Number 290, Exterior Door Sweeps. The bottom of doors leading to the outside, including the cold cellar, is a common area of air leaks. Air leaks cost you money in the winter by letting in cold air causing your furnace to work harder and longer to keep your home warm. Air leaks also cost you money in the summer by letting in hot outside air causing your air conditioner to work harder and longer to keep your home cool. Be sure your sweeps at the bottom of your exterior doors do not look like this. Replace them now. They are not that expensive.

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Number 291, Attic Opening Insulation. Not only does a home need to have sufficient insulation on the attic flooring (i.e. on top of the ceiling of the highest floor in your home), it also should have insulation on top of the door to the attic to keep the warm air down in the living space.

To continue our review of the home heating conservation tips which do not cost much to do, simply select this link to Part 2.

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