No Cost Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips – 3

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Two days ago, in Part 1, we began to review the many money saving tips for your home’s heating bill this winter which will cost you absolutely nothing to do. Yes, these are both free money savings and energy conservation tips all in one. Today we complete our review of these money saving, energy conservation, no cost tips.

Remember, you can view the entire list of our space heating savings ideas by using the vertical scroll bar on the listing below. As well, if you use the horizontal scroll bar, you can see more information about these money savings tips such as ease of implementation, financial payback, and more.

Number 267, Keep Furniture & Rugs Away From Heating Vents. You can seal all the air leaks you can find, you can have the highest efficiency furnace available, you can do all the right things; however, if you have your heating vents blocked by throw rugs or furniture, your furnace will keep pushing out heated air because blocked vents are stopping it from reaching the areas of the room.

Number 268, Place Beds/Chairs Away From Walls/Windows. The idea here is simple. If cool air comes into the home through cracks in the wall, through under insulated walls and through windows, why have your furniture near exterior walls and near windows? Just re-arrange the room accordingly.

Number 269, Check Along Exterior Walls for Air Leaks, and Number 270, Check Window Frames For Air Leaks. These are two typical areas for cold outside air entering the house. We have written numerous articles on where we found air leaks in our home. Simply use the Search field over on the right of our web site and enter the words ‘air leaks’ to find them.

Number 271, Close Basement Vents, and Number 272Close Basement Vents. Why have your furnace push out heated air into your basement if you are not using your basement? Sure, if your basement is finished and is used a lot, then this suggestion is not for you. However, if you are like many people who use the basement for storage and maybe laundry, keep its ceiling vents closed so the heated air from the furnace goes to the areas of the home you do use.

Number 273, Seasonally Change Ceiling Fan Direction. Reverse the direction of the ceiling fan in the winter to help circulate the air in the home during the winter so the heated air does not rise and stay up around the ceiling.

Number 274, Close Fresh Air Vent in Room A/C in Winter.If you must leave your window air conditioning unit in the window all winter, at least remember to close the fresh air vent therein to stop the cold air from the outside from entering the house.

Number 275, Check for Drafts Under Doors. It’s one thing to ensure that the front and back doors are closed to the outside. However, if they are letting cold air in at the bottom of the door, you are still loosing possibly lots of heated air leaving your home and being replaced with winter’s cold air from the outside, causing your furnace to run more than it should.

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Number 276, Close Windows in Winter, and Number 277, Close Storm Door/Window in Winter. Both are great ideas to keep the heat inside, especially those who have storm doors and windows which give that additional layer of air as insulation.

Number 278, Newspaper Under Mattress To Hold Heat. One of the contestants in a recent energy conservation contest on our site,, provided this suggestion which they use to reduce the temperature at night in their home while keeping themselves sufficiently warm in their bed, and thus save them money.

Number 279, Spend Time Searching For Air Leaks in House. Just as in baseball you cannot hit a pitch that you cannot see, or in football you cannot catch the pass without seeing the football, you cannot seal air leaks in and around the house unless you actually spend a few minutes looking for them. It costs you nothing to find them (unless you have a blower test completed as part of an energy audit). You cannot seal the air leaks unless you see them.

Number 280, Keep Plants/Trees Trimmed from South Windows. What is the point of keeping inside drapes and window coverings open during the day to capture the sun’s heat if there is vegetation blocking the window? Keeping plants and trees trimmed away from windows lets all the sun inside to help heat the home in the winter. It just takes a few minutes.

To start our review of those money saving tips to reduce your winter heating bill which cost just a little but can save a lot, simply select this link to Cheap Home Heating Tips.

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