No Cost Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips – 2

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Yesterday, in Part 1, we began to review the many money saving tips on your home’s heating bill this winter which will cost you absolutely nothing to do. Yes, these are both free money savings and energy conservation tips all in one. Today we continue where we left off at suggestion number 256 from our Un-Official Guide.

Remember, you can view the entire list of our space heating savings ideas by using the vertical scroll bar on the listing below. As well, if you use the horizontal scroll bar, you can see more information about these money savings tips such as ease of implementation, financial payback, and more.

Number 256, Going To Bed Early Reducing Heating. The earlier you go to bed in the winter, the sooner you can turn down the temperature in your home and thus make your heating system run less often to heat your home. And, by going to bed earlier, it doesn’t have to mean falling asleep earlier (although this is likely to happen). Rather than reading in the living room, read in bed under the covers. Or, instead of watching TV in the family room, why not watch TV in bed (if you have a television in the bedroom).

Number 257, Exercise During TV Commercials For Body Heat. Here is a Win-Win. Exercise to shed those extra pounds which seem to appear on our bodies every winter plus generate body heat making it seem warmer in the room, if only for a few minutes.  No more couch potatoes here!

Number 258, During the Day Heat Only 1st Floor.One of our visitors gave us this suggestion. Now, while we currently live in a bungalow, I can see this making sense in two story homes, especially if the persons who are home are all on the main floor. How can this be done? Well, by simply closing all the vent registers in the rooms on the second floor.

Number 259, Close Fireplace Damper When Not In Use. Even if you do close the glass doors to the fireplace when finished, heated air can still get past the glass and go up the chimney. So, when there are no more smoking embers in wood burning fireplaces, or after you turn the electricity or natural gas off from such fireplace types, remember to close its damper to seal your heated air inside your home.

Number 260, Clean Air Registers, Baseboard Heaters Regularly. The more dirt and dust collected around baseboard heaters and air vents, the greater the effort it takes for the heated air to get past and heat the room. It doesn’t take that long, now does it?

Number 261, Remove Window A/C Unit In Winter. For those with air conditioning units in the window, there is no need to keep them there in the winter. In fact, if you remove them and then close the window you will significantly eliminate the various air leaks in and around the air conditioning unit and save you money through reduced heating bills.

Number 262, Keep Oven Door Ajar After Baking In Winter. Of course, be sure that no one will accidentally burn themselves by leaning into the open oven. However, the intent here is that letting the heated air of the oven escape en mass for a few minutes into the kitchen is better than letting it escape slowly when the door is closed.

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Number 263, Wait for Bathtub Water to Cool Before Draining. The idea in this suggestion is rather than let the heat in the water go down the drain to let it escape into the air. While this can make it more challenging to clean the bath tub later and can add excessive moisture to the bathroom, I like the concept. Not ever home has a Drain Water Heat Recovery System.

Number 264, Snuggle With Loved Ones. Body heat is meant to be kept to one’s self or to be shared, I guess. icon smile No Cost Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips   2

Number 265, Close Curtains At Night To Retain Indoor Heat. Remember, windows are nothing more than these giant holes in your wall containing nothing more than one or two or possibly even three panes of glass. When the sun is no longer out, closing the curtains inside your home will  help prevent cool air from your windows from getting through to the interior parts of your home as well as reducing the heated air from being cooled by the cool or cold glass of your window.

Number 266, Thermostat Temp. Setting Decrease in Winter. In the summer you keep the temperature setting on your thermostat relatively high during the day to use less air conditioning and save you money from reduced electric utility bills. Of course, it is the opposite in the winter. Remember to turn the temperature setting much lower on your thermostat during the winter to cause your furnace to run less often and save you money on reduced heating utility bills.

To complete our review of the money saving and energy conservation suggestions which will cost you nothing to do to keep your home warmer in the winter, simply select this link to Part 3.

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