University Of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Game Day

Yesterday we wrote a lengthy article with lots of pictures and videos about the Friday before a home football game at the University of Notre Dame stadium.

Today we recount our experiences on Saturday, game day, at the home of the Fighting Irish.

First we went to the tail gate of Leon, a local Notre Dame fan we met during the week.

Unfortunately when he told us to meet him around 10 am he had forgotten that he had to take his son to his basketball game that morning. So, he did not appear until well after we had left his tail gate area around 11:30 that morning.

Here is a 360 degree video clip of one of the tail gate areas just south of Notre Dame stadium at around 11 am on a rainy, wet, windy, damp and cold morning taken from underneath his tent. At least my friend Harvey is having a good time!


Next we went to the Knights of Columbus steak sandwich sale for some lunch. All (or so it seams) of the different dorms have their own version of a tailgate to help rain money for various charities and dorm activities. As we had a great time at the Knights of Columbus Smoker the night before and as Patrick, our tour guide on Monday who also happened to be a member of the Irish Guard, highly recommended the K of C steak sandwich barbecue, that is where we went.

We did not have one BBQ steak sandwich … we each had two. They were outstanding and cost only $6.00 each which included a soda.

How popular is this one? Well, here is a picture showing the line-ups, in the rain, just a short while after we had finished eating our second.

gameday knights of columbus steak sandwich line University Of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Game Day

Next we waited for the player walk which occurs just after the players attend Mass at the Basilica at 1:30, taking them to the stadium. Below is a picture of I believe of All American wide receiver Golden Tate during that walk.

all american golden tate during player walk University Of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Game Day

This was followed by attending the concert by the Notre Dame student band on the steps of Bond Hall. They were really, really good. They were joined in a few minutes by the Irish Guard, including our friend Patrick who gave us our campus tour earlier in the week.

gameday notre dame band at bond hall 02 University Of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Game Day

Following this we caught up with Leon and his family back at their tailgate and then proceeded to enter the stadium. Yes, it is true; upon entering the stadium the ticket takers and ushers made a point of looking us right in the eye and saying “Welcome to Notre Dame”. Here is a short video-clip of the players warming up and practicing inside the stadium just prior to the game.


Then the Notre Dame Marching band entered the stadium. I had been told not to miss this and I was not disappointed. Here is the video clip of them entering Notre Dame Stadium, followed by another one of them playing the Notre Dame Fight Song, both taken of course from our seats on the 50 yard line.



One of the very cool things about the band was that they never stopped throughout the entire football game. During a TV (called a ‘media’) time out, or any stoppage they were always playing some Notre Dame related tune. It was great to have them play during the stoppages on the field.

Next of course is the video clip below of the football players entering the field. It starts about 3 minutes prior showing the student interaction and ends with Coach Charlie Weis.


Then the game.

The seats were great, right on the 50 yard line. Amazing. How did we get so lucky? While you can go to to view the entire game, here is one video clip which I took from our seats during the 4th quarter. It was a tipped then incomplete pass which was initially ruled an interception but upon video review the call was properly reversed to an incomplete pass.


It actually warmed up in the 3rd quarter, a little. But, by that time I had not one but two very large hot chocolates in, yes, souvenir mugs. Even Harvey joined in and had one. They were very reasonably priced, $5.50, and the mugs are a really great keep-sake.

The game ended with Notre Dame winning 20 to 16 over Boston College. Here is a picture of Harvey and I taken by one of the fans during half time.

notre dame bc half time 03 University Of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Game Day

What a day. As this post is sufficiently long, I’ll end it now and post all of the many, many pictures we took on this day and earlier in the week over the holidays to share with you.

To access our wrap up this series of articles about our week visiting South Bend reflecting back on the highlights and showing our favourite and some new pictures and videos, simply select this link to Notre Dame and South Bend Highlights.

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