University of Notre Dame and The Chicago Blackhawks

Two days ago I wrote about and showed pictures from our touring of the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

Yesterday, Harvey and I spent the day away from the Notre Dame campus to tour other attractions in South Bend.

Wednesday was a very eclectic day.

We started by going back to the University for a few specific items.

First I wanted to go back to the Grotto to light a candle and say a personal prayer. It agree with those who say that visiting the Grotto is a unique experience that is very hard to put into words.

Here is a video taken yesterday of the Grotto at Notre Dame.


This was followed by a walk around those part of the campus which were not on the public tour and which we had not yet visited.

Harvey and I took a nice walk around St. Mary Lake for two reasons; one reason was to see the walking route we might take Friday evening to attend the Knight of Columbus Smoker (historical name … I am told they do not actual smoke there any longer) after the Pep Rally.

 University of Notre Dame and The Chicago Blackhawks

To end our tour we made a point of visiting the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. Why?

Well, my Mother-in-Law, Mary, wanted me to take two pictures for her while I was visiting the Notre Dame campus. One was of the duck that Regis Philbin says he visits each time he returns to the campus.

Above is this first picture.  icon smile University of Notre Dame and The Chicago Blackhawks

Here is a short video of St. Mary Lake at the campus, including the highly visible Golden Dome atop the Main Administration building as well as part of the Basilica of The Sacred Heart.


The second was of the Regis Philbin Studio Theatre within the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.

 University of Notre Dame and The Chicago Blackhawks

Above is the plaque on the wall entering the Regis Philbin Studio Theatre.

When Harvey and I were about to leave the building, John S., a volunteer at the Center since it opened approximately 4 years ago said ‘Hello’ to us. After a few minutes of introducing ourselves, John asked us if we would like a tour of the facility. Of course we said Yes!

So, John proceeded to take us on a 45 minute tour through each performance rooms throughout the facility.  Both Harvey and I left the center at the end astounded. Each performance room, from the Browning, Decio, Leighton, Philbin, Reyes and Washington Hall has a unique and special purpose, with each engineered for acoustic (audio) maximization.

Our favourite was likely the Chris and Anne Reyes Organ and Choral Hall in which someone was rehearsing playing of the unique Fritts Organ which took 15 months and 18,000 to build, according to the web site. The sound was not like anything we had ever heard before. They do have scheduled tours and if you to spend any time at all on the Notre Dame campus, I strongly suggest you make time to tour the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.

As a coincidence, when we told John S., our private tour guide of the Center, that we were planning to go to the above mentioned Knights of Columbus Smoker, he told us that he would be there as well. That’s pretty cool; we will go somewhere in South Bend and actually see someone who we know.

In the afternoon we did a little outlet store shopping on our way to Chicago.

Matt, who we met strictly from one of the Notre Dame fan forum web sites gave, yes gave, us his Chicago Blackhawk tickets. It was unbelievably generous of Matt, who we have never met and do not know. We only know Mass from his kind offer via a posting we made on the referenced Internet forum.

While the Blackhawks let their slim lead evaporate late in the game to take the eventual loss, the United Center is quite something.

Unfortunately, someone suggested I leave my camera in the car when we parked it outside the stadium. However, here is a picture of a few ‘souvenirs’ we obtained.

 University of Notre Dame and The Chicago Blackhawks

Above you will see our parking stub, the soda cup and plastic beer container from inside the stadium, and the ‘Game Feature Cards’ everyone received for small promotional product events throughout the evening.

Matt, you are truly a testament to all that is generous and kind with Notre Dame fans. Thank you again.

Tomorrow, we will write about how the luck of the Irish seems to be following us on our trip of a lifetime to the campus of the University of Notre Dame. As if receiving the Chicago Blackhawk hockey tickets from Matt was not more than enough ‘luck’.

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