On The Road To South Bend and Notre Dame

If you are reading article on its publication date, I should be on the road travelling to South Bend, Indiana to spend a week in and around the University of Notre Dame. It is a 7 to 8 hour drive from where I live east of South Bend, so I am told.

As I have wrote previously, I have been a fan as long as I can remember. So, this vacation week sees me visiting for the first time ever the campus of the Fighting Irish, doing all the touristy things, and generally just trying to soak it all in. These articles will be written more as a souvenir for myself than anything else, so in later years I am able to recall those experiences that my cranium may forget.

I have the camera and camcorder to take lots of pictures and videos to record our adventure. After waiting 50 years or so, I am quite excited. Since it has taken me this long for the trip likely it will be one of those once in a lifetime trips, sort of a bucket list item if you will. In case I don’t make it back to Notre Dame again, I want to be able to soak it all in.

My plan is to do as much as possible throughout the week, see everything we can see, experience everything two fellas (Harvey’s coming with me) in their 50′s can experience during the week so we can ‘act like we have been there before’(as Lou Holtz used to tell his players on what they should do when they score a touchdown) on game day and focus more on soaking everything in vs worrying about having to get pictures on ‘stuff’. But don’t worry, I do plan on taking enough pic’s and vid’s throughout the day on Saturday, including from inside the Stadium as keepsakes.

9irishguard1 On The Road To South Bend and Notre Dame

Now, the above is not my own picture. How can it be as I am on the road to South Bend. A fellow Subway Alum send it to me on Friday but he can’t remember where he found it. So, yes, I will replace it with one of my own after we arrive and I have taken some of my own pictures on the campus.

I’ll be writing something every day about our experiences from a fan’s perspective; or, if you will, from a Subway Alum’s perspective (as those fan’s of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish who did not attend the University but who still follow and Cheer, Cheer for their teams are known).

So, this week we will not be writing anything to do with home renovations, home maintenance or energy conservation which is the typical focus of this web site, unless we encounter something in particular during the week in the South Bend and Mishawaka area.

We won’t have time during this week to write about everything we experience or post all of the pictures or videos we take; we’ll take more time later for those which we are not able to share with you this week.

So thanks to Dave for the Notre Dame football tickets. Very, very, very much appreciated.

A special shout out and thanks to Mike for the Chicago Blackhawk hockey tickets. I don’t know Mike and Mike does not know me. However, he read a post I made on NDNation.com, one of the Notre Dame fan Internet forums, and has given Harvey and I his seats (he has season tickets) for the Wednesday game against the Vancouver Canucks at the United Center in Chicago; yes, I say gave. Wow. Notre Dame fans are truly unique in deed.

A sincere non-thanks (what is the reverse of ‘thanks’?) to the folks at a certain international time share exchange company. I was able to obtain our accommodations for the week back in January 2009 and was to only find out 10 days before we left that the Confirmation Certificate we printed out confirming our reservation for a 2 bedroom unit was not worth the paper it was printed on. Wow. And, they did not obtain for us alternate accommodations, even though they admitted (by multiple people I talked with at the organization) that they mistake was their fault. We were able to obtain our own alternate accommodations.

A sincere thank you to the people at Marriott, especially Caitlyn at the Residence Inn South Bend Mishawaka for doing what she could to secure the replacement accommodations for us at the last minute. Do you have any idea what it is like to try to find accommodations less than two weeks before a football weekend in and around any major college town in America?

Thanks as well to RICOCHET (Jack) for trying to obtain on our behalf a pair of tickets to the Notre Dame ice hockey game on the Friday evening. So far he has not been successful, yet just for trying to help someone who he does not know at all except for an Internet forum posting and an exchange of emails is outstanding.

 On The Road To South Bend and Notre Dame

Thanks as well to SBDomer (Chip) for making us feel welcome even before we get there and for his invitation to drop by he and his family’s tailgate on Saturday.

Thank you very much to RocketShart, IrishLep, Leahy, and the many others for their words of encouragement and guidance on what to do and see during the week. Thanks to Michael as well, another long time Sub Alum, for his hints and suggestions on what to do and see, including the Friday night Knights of Columbus Smoker (no, they don’t smoke there any longer) in case we do not obtain those ice hockey tickets. Thanks as well to those who have emailed me offering words of encouragement and shared excitement. You know you you are! icon wink On The Road To South Bend and Notre Dame

Of course, thanks for letting me go, Cath!

And, an advance thank you to those we will meet in and around South Bend and Mishawaka this week for helping to make Harvey and my experiences this week that much more fulfilling.


And, an advance thank you has to go out to Harvey, who is accompanying me on this trip, for putting up with what will be an un-ending week-long conversation about everything I know on Notre Dame.

Here we go. Return back every day this week as I will (I promise) write about our adventure and post some pic’s and some videos).


To continue to the next article in this series, simply select this link to ‘First Impressions’.

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