Fixing Home Air Leaks Around Cold Cellar Door – 3

Yesterday, I wrote about the product I chose to seal the air leaks around the cold cellar door frame in our basement, the DAP Tex product.

The application when pretty well. As you will recognize from my other projects, I am not the neatest when it comes to applying certain energy conservation products. However, hidden away in the basement behind a door means that I don’t have to worry about appearance; my focus is reducing my winter heating costs by reducing air leaks to stop the cold air from entering our home.

So, here are the pictures.

cold cellar air leaks sealed with dap tex Fixing Home Air Leaks Around Cold Cellar Door   3

The first picture above shows the DAP Tex foam sealant product on the right side of the door frame, between the frame and the vertical support beam. As well, in the above picture you can see a little of the while insulating foam product between the concrete foundation wall and the same vertical support beam.

cold cellar air leaks sealed on top of door frame Fixing Home Air Leaks Around Cold Cellar Door   3

Next, in the above second picture you can see the insulating foam between the horizontal part of the door frame and the horizontal support beam. I have more work I want to do in the area at the top of the picture where you see the pink fibreglass protruding, but that is for another time.

cold cellar air leaks sealed on left Fixing Home Air Leaks Around Cold Cellar Door   3

And, in the final picture above you can see the insulating foam between the concrete foundational wall and the door frame on the left.

All in all, this effort was pretty quick. It took only around 15 minutes and one full can plus one partial can of the DAP Tex product. Each can costs just under $8, at least in the stores where I live, so it was pretty cheap yet will last a very long time to save me money through reduced heating costs by sealing out the cold air in the winter from entering our home through the air leaks around our cold cellar door.

When was the last time you really looked, I mean really looked, at the insulation around your cold cellar door? How was your heating bill last winter?

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  1. Andrej says:

    Hi, did you do another door blower test to make sure you did it right? I personally don’t like DAP Tex foam as it crumbles when cured and is not strong enough. The house “moves” with temperature change and I can’t imagine this foam to perform well with drafts.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Andrej,
    Thanks for your experience.

    So far the product is working very nicely for us; no crumbling which you indicate you have experienced. Everything seems fine.


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