Water Heating Energy Conservation – 27 Tips

Editor’s Note: To view the 500+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our free home Energy Savings and Water Savings Guide, 2nd Edition

Back on July 2nd, we released our updated Energy Savings and Water Savings Guide, now containing more than 500 money saving suggestions, ideas and tips we have collected from hundreds of households across North America over the past 20 months on ways to reduce energy and water consumption in and around the home.

By doing this, households can save money through reduced electric, water, natural gas, home heating oil, etc. utility bills as well as reduce its direct and indirect consumption of non-renewable energy and clean water resources.

Today, we summarize the 27 money saving tips and energy conservation tips combined which were suggested to us on ways households could reduce the energy consumed related to water heating in the home.

First, we provide the full listing of all 27 energy conservation tips related to cooking activities.

Second, we provide direct links to the two articles where we describe each of these suggestions.

In case you are curious, the money saving tips in the list below with the single asterisk ‘*’ came from our first home energy saving contest in the fall of 2008 while those with the double asterisk ‘*’ came from your second home energy and water saving contest during the summer of 2009.

Lastly, remember to use the horizontal scroll bar at the end of the list to see our classifications of Installation Cost, Installation Complexity, Frequency and Potential Payback for each of these home cooling suggestions. Hopefully you can find a few that you can start using.

And now, here are the direct links to each of the 10 articles on the many, many different ways to reduce energy consumed heating water within the household:

No Cost Water Heating Energy Conservation Tips

Additional Water Heating Energy Conservation Tips

We sincerely hope that even just a few of these suggestions that we received from others can be used by you to simultaneously save you money through reduced utility bills from reduced heating of your household’s hot water while at the same time making your house more environmentally friendly.

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