Fall Garden Cleanup – 1

No time like the present.

Winter is coming.

And, I want to clean up the front garden now before it gets cold outside making this task more unpleasant than it already is.

OK, so it’s not hard … when it is still nice and warm and sunny outside. So here are some home maintenance tips you can use for your own garden.

I purposely (that is my story and, yes, I am sticking with it) left our front garden unattended all summer, just to see how many weeds might grow through the garden mulch. I also wanted to see how wild our slow growing Pyramidal Yews would get as well as the other bushes we planted last year.

First, lets start with the garden to the side of our front door. Below is how it looked in early September, right around Labour Day Weekend:

front garden before clean up 1 Fall Garden Cleanup   1

A few points. First notice the Hostas plants in the front. Only one has a few flowers left and the leaves of the rest are showing the signs of some bugs snacking on them.

As well, you might be able to see above that the Yews on either side of the Bay Window are a little bit messy.

Here is the after picture:

side garden after clean up Fall Garden Cleanup   1

I cut down the Hostas plants to just above the soil.

The downside of them being so bushy is that they took a while to trim down.

I also used a small electric shrub trimmer to trim the wild branches from the evergreen Yews.

Now for the front garden.

We have two small trees in the front of the left and right sides of the garden are messy.  

garden fall cleanup 006 Fall Garden Cleanup   1

As well, there are even more Hostas to trim and a few weeds which have grown into the garden mulch which need pulled.

garden fall cleanup 012 Fall Garden Cleanup   1

Notice also that many of the Pyramidal Yews have lost their cone shape. I’m surprised how wild they can become.

garden fall cleanup 010 Fall Garden Cleanup   1

Tomorrow, we will show you how the front garden looks after the clean up in by pictures and a couple of short videos.

To access the nexzt article, including those before and after videos, simply select this link to Part 2.

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