Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak Fixed

Yesterday, we wrote how we discovered a leak with our only 2 year old Toto 6.0L One Piece Power Flush Toilet.

What was the cause? Well, it would likely be one of three things.

1. When the water level in the toilet tank was up to the refill mark, was water continuing to flow from the fill valve on the left, through the black refill tube and into the flush valve on the right (all as pictured below)?

Was the water somehow leaking out of the fill valve? Well, when there was water in the tank there were no bubbles coming out from the bottom of the fill valve, plus there was no water leaking onto our toilet floor.

toto toilet 009 Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak Fixed


What about the flapper? The flapper is the stopper; the part that is raised when one pushes down on the trip lever on the outside of the toilet when one needs to flush the toilet.

Well below is what the flapper looked like inside the toilet tank. It looks OK. However, I can tell you that I did a test to see how long it would take for the water to leave the Toto toilet tank and it only too 45 minutes (possibly less). No wonder the huge increase in my forthcoming water bill, yikes! Something was definitely wrong.

So, I removed the flapper and compared it to the new one I had purchased (for about $10). I’ll let you guess which flapper, the one on the right or the one on the left, in the picture below was from inside the toilet tank. Of course, the one on the left in the above picture was the flapper which was inside the toilet tank.

toto toilet 011 Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak Fixed


toto toilet 019 Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak Fixed


On my gosh! Just look how wobbly it is. No wonder we were loosing so much water from the tank. But we could barely hear the leak, unlike the American Standard toilet leak which we could hear pretty clearly. That is because in the American Standard toilet there is this very audible hissing sound when the water is filling the tank. Whereas, in the Toto tank as mentioned yesterday it is a very quiet toilet and the hissing sound when water is filling the tank is not very noticeable … at least not by me.

After replacing the flapper I proceeded to turn on the water shut off valved beside the toilet, wait for the water to refill and then go back downstairs to see if that triangle on our water meter was turning, meaning that there was still some water leakage somewhere.

toto toilet 020 Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak Fixed


The result was that the red triangle on our water meter was moving   v e r y   s l o w l y  . icon smile Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak Fixed   I had to wait about a minute or so of constantly staring at the darn thing before it moved. So while there is a very small water leak somewhere in the house, at least this very large water leak has been stopped.

In the end, however, I have to say that I am very disappointed with Toto.  Their product warranty is only 1 year. But look at how disfigured the flapper was after two years per the above picture! I don’t recall ever having any toilet where I had to replace the flapper ever couple of years. That just does not make sense to me.

And, when I call Toto’s customer service to complain all I got for my troubles was that it is what it is.

So, While the Toto Power Flush 6.0L one piece toilet is significantly more quite that the American Standard 6.0L one piece toilet (both were brand new when we purchased them 2 years ago), watch out for that flapper and get in the habit of checking the water meter at least once a month to detect any unusual movement in the meter which could indicate a leak. I think I’ll start taking my own advise now. icon smile Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak Fixed

Until next time.

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  1. Jack says:

    That’s good to know for all of us Toto users out there. Crazy how much that blue faded in just 2 years!

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