Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak


I thought we were finished writing about our toilets for a while once we fixed, for the second time, our American Standard low flow toilet leak earlier this summer.

I was wrong.

When we were undergoing the major renovations to our now 22 year old bungalow back in 2007, we decided to go with a Toto 6.0L Power Flush toilet for our special needs daughters’ bathroom and not the American Standard low flow toilets we put in our master bedroom en suite and in the main floor bathroom.

The reason was that, like many persons with limited mobility, constipation can be a life long issue. And, we felt that we needed a toilet which had extra flushing power so the toilet would not become plugged as it did constantly in our prior home.

One side benefit of going with the Toto 6.0L Power Flush model was not that it was one piece (which we wanted) nor that it has a soft close toilet seat. As we came to learn, the Toto toilet is much more quite than the two American Standard toilets we installed in those other bathrooms. And I do mean a lot more quiet. Here’s a picture of the Toto Power Flush model installed in our daughter’s bathroom. Geeez. It was only 2 years old.

toto toilet 007 Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak

Now, I received a phone call from the billing department of our local water utility. They wanted to know why my next water bill was going to be 2.5 times what it usually was! Ouch!  While on the phone they had me turn off all of the water shut off valves to all the toilets to see if there was a water leak somewhere which I did not know about (other than the toilets of course icon smile Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak ).

The good news was that the small triangle on the water meter did stop turning around. You can see it just to the right side in the middle of our water flow measurement meter pictured below.

water meter picture Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak

Now, the billing services representative of our local water utility had me turn on the water shut off for each toilet, one at a time to see which one, if any, had the rather large water leak.

So, up and down, up and down I went from the main floor to the basement each time I turned on the water shut off valve for each toilet. You know how they say that if you loose something you will find it in the last place you look? Well in our case it was the last toilet for which I turned back on the water shut off valve which had the leak. And yes it was the Toto Power Flush toilet.

Tomorrow, we’ll tell you how we fixed it (with some phone guidance from Bennett, the nice chap who fixed our shower floor leak last year and who installed our kitchen) .

I’ll also tell you about our great dis-satisfaction with the 1 year warranty from Toto for their toilets.

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