Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend – 2

Yesterday I wrote in Part 1 the issue we had with our so called automatic or built-in bathtub stopper.

It stopped raising out of the drain. The result is that the bath water no longer went down the drain once the bath was done.

One option my wife proposed in my absence was to use a knife to pry the metal stopper out of the drain each time a bath was taken.

I had visions of scratches caused by the knife on both the metal stopper as well as the bath tub near the drain.

As we know bath tub drains are typically larger than drains in sinks. This was the case for us. I did try some left over sink drain stoppers we had around the house but they were too small.

rubber bath tub drain stopper Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend   2

So, I quickly went to our local Home Hardware store to acquire an old fashioned solution; a rubber bat tub drain stopper.

Now, in looking in the above picture see how the underside of the rubber stopper is about a full inch. Well, that was about a 1/4 inch too deep. The result was that the rubber stopper would not sit in the drain without there being a small gap allowing the water to run though and down the drain.

rubber stopper in drain Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend   2

Simple enough; I just took a utility knife and reduced by about a 1/2 inch of the extended rubber underneath the stopper and we were all set.

Sometimes the simple, even temporary, solutions are just what the doctor ordered.

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