Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend – 1

In renovating one of the bathrooms in our home, it was recommended to us that we install an automatic stopper in the tub.

A bad decision and did not purchase one of the simpler ones that simply when up and down when you pushed them.

Why we purchased the kind of bathtub drain stopper which went up and down depending upon one turning that large circular metal device seen in the picture below.

bath tub integrated stopper Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend   1

How this one works is similar to a standard sink stopper yet the mechanism is hidden in behind the tub itself, making adjustments next to impossible.

So, the day before a recent road trip for work Cath came to me and said she could not get the stopper out of the drain.

This particular device worked in a way that the metal stopper was pushed up by a thin piece of metal underneath within the drain itself.

drain and metal stopper Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend   1

Upon investigation, which I couldn’t get a most detailed picture of for you (sorry), what had happened was that something had caused the small metal ‘arm’ to become mis-aligned so it no longer was meeting the bottom part of the metal stopper.

How this came to be I have no idea.

As I was leaving shortly for my trip, all I had time for was a temporary solution (although it is ironic sometimes that so called temporary solution to a problem end up being the permanent solution).

What was the solution?

To continue to see the solution we came up with, simply select this link to Part 2.

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