More Costly Home Electricity Conservation Tips – 2

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Having reviewed the many, many suggestions from our Energy Saving Guide on ways you can reduce the consumption of electricity in your home which will cost you nothing or just a little to do, today we start to look at the ideas to reduce home electricity consumption which cost more to do.

Hopefully you can add the ones which make sense to you into your own growing collection of money saving tips or home maintenance tips.

Here we go.


Number 149, Auto Timer on Pool Filter / Cleaner. Now, our home does not have a pool, and neither have any of the previous homes were we have lived. However, one cannot argue with the logic of this suggestion made by one of the contestants in our home energy conservation contest last fall. Just like putting the porch lights on a timer so they won’t go on forever and waste electricity.

Number 150, Use Pool Pump & Filter Properly. Naturally, improper usage of any electric appliance results in wasted electricity, not to mention possible damage to the appliance itself.

Number 151, Auto Pool Sweep Usage. As mentioned above, I don’t have a pool so pool sweeps are foreign to me. However, this was suggested by a contestant from last year’s home energy conservation contest as energy saving. Is it?

Number 152, Timers for Lights and Appliances. Just like timers for outdoor Christmas lights and porch lights. What about timers for your indoor lights for when you are away on vacation, for example?

Number 153, Purchase Solar Generated Electricity, and Number 154, Purchase Wind Generated Electricity. These suggestions will not save you money; they will cost you money because electric rates from private suppliers who only use these two methods to generate their electricity charge (from what I have found) more than more traditional forms of electricity generation (hydro, coal, nuclear, natural gas). However, they will certainly stop your home from generating indirectly polluting emissions from the consumption of electricity within.

Number 155, Refrigerators With Top/Bottom Freezer Preferred. One of our contestants indicated that refrigerators with side-by-side freezer are less energy efficient. I never considered that. While we don’t need a new fridge, I will certainly keep it in mind for detailed investigation the next time.

Number 156, ENERGY STAR Appliances. Absolutely! While these tend to cost more than appliances which do not carry the ENERGY STAR label, they do use less electricity.

Number 157, Solar PV Panels. Absolutely! However, even with all the various government subsidies available, to me it is still ‘brother, can you spare a dime’ or 500,000 dimes? Way, way too expensive for my wallet. I still have a mortgage to pay for, don’t ya know. However, if you have the funds to do this for your home, it really is the way to go. And, sure, if you want to donate these for my home and have me write lots of articles on our experiences, just drop me a line.  OK, enough with the shameless plug already. icon wink More Costly Home Electricity Conservation Tips   2

Number 158, Tube Sky Lights for Dark Areas. The more natural light which you can bring into your home, the less artificial light you will need to use and thus down goes your monthly electric utility bill.

Number 159, Atomic Power Generation. Not as ‘out there’ as you might think. I recall reading about a company who was starting to produce self contained nuclear power plants for residential neighbourhoods. Technically uranium is a non-renewable resource. However, it does not polute the air so we left it in our list.

Tomorrow, we will summarize our series of articles on the many, many different ideas and tips for reducing the amount of electricity consumed in the home.

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