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Having  reviewed the many, many suggestions from our Energy Saving Guide on ways you can reduce the consumption of electricity in your home which will cost you nothing or just a little to do, today we start to look at the ideas to reduce home electricity consumption which cost more to do.

Here we go.


Number 141, Use Wind-up Radio / Flashlight. Absolutely. These are very useful and consume zero electricity.

Number 142, Solar Charged Lawn Mower. One of our favorites. The ones which we have used for the past two years are self propelled and use batteries which can be charged from using a 2 foot square solar panel. Yes, you can read about our experiences with this new type of electric battery lawn mower by using this link to our series of articles.

lawn mower solar panel More Costly Home Electricity Conservation Tips   1

2009 solaris lawn mower 1 More Costly Home Electricity Conservation Tips   1

Number 143, Use Non-Motorized Lawn Mower. Of course, the ‘old fashioned’ push type of manual lawn mower will not produce any direct polluting emissions in the air (which gas powered lawn mowers will do) and will not consume any electricity from the home.

Number 144, Toaster vs Electric Oven. Sure, if you only need to reheat or cook a small item why use a big electric oven when a smaller appliance such as a toaster oven can do just as well and consume much less electricity at the same time?

Number 145, Solar Garden Lights. Yes, these have been around for years, using tiny solar panels to product light. These products have been improving steadily every year, and consume no electricity other than from the sun.

Number 146, Solar Powered Christmas Lights. We were introduced to this product line last winter. Some of them worked well for us while others did not. In cold weather climates I think the jury is still out on the stability of these products. However, there is no question that they use no electricity from the home and will therefore save you money on reduced electric utility bills. 

noma solar christmas lights 2 More Costly Home Electricity Conservation Tips   1

noma solar christmas lights 060 More Costly Home Electricity Conservation Tips   1

Number 147, Laptop Uses Less Electricity vs Desktop PC. Out almost 8 year old home computer is almost done. It’s just about time to purchase a new home computer. With laptops costing a bit more than desktop PC’s, over time this additional purchase cost should be eliminated through the usage of less electricity.

Number 148, ENERGY STAR Light Fixtures. I had never thought before about ENERGY STAR rating on light fixtures. Either they worked or they did not. However, one of the contestants in our recent home energy and water conservation tips contest made this suggestion. Good thing to keep in mind. It’s not just the purchase cost but also the operating cost which one must keep in mind.

To access the second part of our review of the more costly energy conservation suggestions for the home, simply select this link to Part 2.

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  1. Ron Hartwell says:

    You give some good tips. I can’t seem to get my wife to not leave lights on when she leaves the house. I do use CFLs so it is not as bad but she just likes light when she comes home- I guess.
    I of course have heard of solar Christmas lights, but the solar charged lawn mower?- where did you find that I like it.
    Conserving power is not only good for the wallet, it is also good for our future survival.

  2. Ron Hartwell says:

    I enjoyed your ideas. I of course have heard of many of these especially solar Christmas lights, but the solar powered lawn mower?- I never heard of that one.

    Saving energy is not just good for the wallet but for our future survival as well. Now if I could just get my wife to turn off the lights when she leaves the house.

  3. Dan says:

    Hi Ron,

    Last year (2008) was the first year for the solar charged electric battery lawn mower from Linamar Consumer products.

    This year (2009) they came out with a newer design but it can still be charged by a very small (2′ X 2′) solar panel charging kit.

    If you would like to read more about this, here are the links, with lots of pictures, to:

    A. our review and experience with the 2008 Solaris

    B. our review and experience with the 2009 Solaris.

    Kind Regards,

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