Low Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips – 1

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Last week we reviewed the many, many suggestions from our EnergySaving Guide on ways you can reduce the consumption of electricity in your home which will cost you absolutely nothing to do.

Today and tomorrow, we review ideas which cost a little but can save you a lot on our electric utility bill through energy conservation measures.

Add the ones which make sense to you to your growing collection of money saving tips to help you reduce your electric bills now and in the future.

Here we go.


Number 117, Outdoor Clothesline. Absolutely. an electric clothes dryer consumes an awful lot of electricity to dry your clothes. So, if you install an outdoor clothesline, you will be using your clothes dryer less, consuming less electricity, reducing your electric utility bill and getting that fresh outdoors scent without having to spend money on perfume scented dryer sheets. Here’s a picture of the one in our backyard, yes with some of my Notre Dame T-Shirts hanging on the clothesline.

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Number 118, Use Fans Not Air Conditioners. Absolutely, fans do not reduce the air temperature. However, the breeze they create make it feel cooler, perhaps feeling sufficiently cool so you don’t need to run the air conditioner as much or at all on some summer days. And, yes, fans use much less electricity than air conditioners.

Number 119, Keep Flashlight Next To Bed vs Lights at Night. One of our past contest participants suggested this tip to reduce wasted electricity consumption by lights left on at night. Instead, if you do wake up and need to leave the bed at night, simply use the flashlight.

Number 120, Put Laz-Y-Boy on a Power Bar & Turn Off. Those lucky enough to have a Laz-Y-Boy chair may have the type with heating or massage options. If you do, you know that you have to plug it into an electrical outlet. Again, use a power bar so you can turn the power bar off when you are not using these options to reduce phantom electricity consumption.

Number 121, Put Microwave on a Switch Outlet. You know, just like the wall switch for lights, consider if possible, to put the electrical outlet for your microwave unit on a switch so you can turn it off when not using it, and eliminate any phantom electricity consumption.

Number 122, Put Microwave on Power Bar. Why? It consumes electricity even then not on. If you don’t need the clock that most microwave units some with, do indeed place it on a power bar and turn the power bar off when you are finished using the microwave.

Number 123, Use 3-Way Lamps / Bulbs.  Just like using lower wattage light bulbs, but this way you still have the higher wattage for when you need a brighter light for reading, sewing, etc.

Number 124, Use Dryer Balls to Reduce Dryer Time. I have to get another pair. I lost the pair of dryer balls which I purchased around Christmas of last year. They are not noisy at all, reduce (not eliminate) static, and really work to reduce the amount of time it takes to dry clothes (at least the ones we bought).

Number 125, Use Automatic Shut Off Dryers. Absolutely. Why let the clothes dryer run on and on and on if the clothes are dry?

Number 126, Put Downstairs Entertainment System on a Power Bar. This is a great idea from one of our past contest participants. If you have an entertainment system in the basement or in a room which is not used very much, be sure to put all of its components on a power bar to make it easy for you to turn them off and stop phantom electricity usage.

Number 127, LED Christmas Lights. Tough to think about the winter and Christmas in the middle of summer, right? However, keep this in mind for when you go to purchase new Christmas lights during the holiday season. Purchase ones that are LED and they will use much less electricity.

Number 128,  Use Lower Wattage Light Bulbs. Do you really need that 60 watt light bulb? What about a 40 watt light bulb instead? It consumes less electricity, you know.

Number 129,  Power Bars re Phantom Electricity Usage. Remember, even with electrical appliances turned off they still consume some electricity. So, if you place them on a power bar and turn the power bar off, you will stop so called phantom electricity from being consumed by them; far easier than remembering to unplug the electrical appliance from the wall.

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Number 130, LCD TV Preferred Over Plasma TV. While no TV is preferred to any type of television, a liquid crystal display (LCD) type of television uses less electricity than a plasma TV. Before you purchase your next TV, remember that the cost of a TV is not just what you pay in the store to purchase it; it also will cost you every time you use it through electricity consumption.

To continue with more home electricity conservation ideas which will cost you a little but can save you a lot, simply select this link to Part 2.

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  1. russ says:

    No 124 – what brand? I have yet to hear of these working in real trials.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Russ,

    The ones we found worked for us we wrote about here:



  3. russ says:

    Thanks Dan – Now I need to try them and see for myself. Easy and fun games to play!

  4. A says:

    Dryer Balls: We just got the ones from the dollar store. Seems to help but never really checked. A little noisy though.

    No 118:..and you have a typo. ;)
    “And, yes, fans use much less electricity than fans.” I’d have to say the use the same amount of electricity. ;)

  5. Dan says:

    Hi A,
    Nice to ‘see’ you again. ;)

    Thanks for proof-reading the posts for me.

    Correction made,

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