No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips – 6

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And, finally, the sixth and last article containing many, many suggestions of ways you can save money by reducing your electricity consumption in and arouund your home.

Since these suggestions cost absolutely nothing for you to do, you should be adding these to your own collection of money saving tips.

Here we go.


Number 106, Place All Home Electronics on Single Power Bar. Well, I don’t know of one power bar will be sufficient for most homes. However we did this and it’s great. How is that an energy conservation tip? Well, we all know about phantom electricity usage. So, if you connect say your home office equipment (PC, phone, fax, etc.) to a single power bar, just turn off the power bar and it will turn off all of these appliance as well as eliminate phantom electricity consumption.

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Number 107, Place Refrigerator Away From Stove. Imagine having the stove next to refrigerator, cooking something on the stove and opening the door to the fridge; all that heated air goes inside the fridge causing it to work harder. Yuk!

Number 108, Light Wall Colours Minimize Need For Lighting. The next time you need to or want to repaint any room in your home, consider light colours which will help delay the need to turn on the light at dusk, and thus reduce your electric bill.

Number 109, Unplug All Electronics When On Vacation. When our family is away we typically unplug the clock radios, televisions, DVD players, game players, computers, routers, and so on. Why consume lots and lots of phantom electricity for nothing?

Number 110, If Fridge Not Full, Place Water Bottles Inside. The more items inside your fridge, the less your fridge has to work because the cold items will help keep the inside cold. Pretty simple, huh?

Number 111, Hand Rake Leaves vs Leaf Blower. Besides being very noisy, do leave blowers really save you that much time? Take a little more time, get some more exercise, and use a hand rake in the fall to gather up the leaves on your lawn.

Number 112, Keep Light Fixtures Clean. If it is dirty, the light from the light bulb cannot pass through as much. If all of your light fixtures are dirty you may be inclined to turn more of them on to give you the amount of light you want, and thus consume more electricity.

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Number 113, Clean Refrigerator Coils, to make your fridge work less hard to keep your food and beverages cool for you.

Number 114, Unplug Camera Battery Recharger When Not In Use. Easy to forget, simple to do, right?

Number 115, Clean Pool Pump Strainer Baskets. Why make your pool pump work harder than it has to? Similar to keeping the dryer lint trap clean or the furnace filter clean. Just a little no cost maintenance every now and again to reduce your electricity consumption.

Number 116, Keep Freezer Full. If you have a full freezer, the frozen items will help keep the inside cold and therefore your freezer will not need to run as much as if the freezer only contained one or two items.

To continue on our series on home electicity conservation tips and review the first batch of suggestions which will cost just a bit but can save you a lot, simply select this link to Low Cost Electricity Conservation Tips Part 1.

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