No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips – 5

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Can you believe that we are on Part 5 of our series of energy saving articles on ways to reduce your household’s consumption of electricity which cost you nothing yet will save you a lot of money on your home’s electric utility bill? There are just so many ways if you just stopped and observed daily life you will find them as well. And, these are not hard at all.

Be sure to add the ones which make sense to you to your own colelction of money saving tips.

Here we go.


Number 95, Air Dry Hair vs Hair Dryer. I haven’t used a blow dryer to dry my hair in since I can’t remember when. No, I am not bald! icon wink No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips   5 Not yet, anyway; I just have very short hair. The last time I used a blow dryer was to put up the see-through plastic film on our basement floor to ceiling windows for insulation purposes last fall. However, for those of you who have longer hair and use a blow dryer every day in the bathroom or any other room in your home, why? Do you really, really have to? What about on weekends? Just a thought.

Number 96, Don’t Use Lights One Day A Week. What if you created a new habit to not turn the lights on at all, yes, at all, one day a week? How do you create a new habit? Just try it once, see how it goes, and then try it again … and again … and before long you can’t remember why you didn’t do it sooner.

Number 97, Use Garbage Disposal Less, you know, the type that is in some sinks. Remember that they use electricity to run. If you use it less you will use a little less electricity. If you don’t use it at all, (and can you imagine that some homes, like ours, don’t even have one)  you will save a little more electricity.

Number 98, Full Dishwasher Loads. Of course. Don’t do partial loads. It’s that simple.

Number 99(saluting Barbara Feldon, Ann Hathaway or Wayne Gretzky of course icon smile No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips   5 ), Unplugging Beer Fridge. Those who have a second refrigerator in their homes typically use an old one which uses a lot of electricity. Stop. Unplug it (take the door off for child safety reasons) and then offer it to any one of a number of recycling organizations.

Number 100, Disconnect Microwave Bulb. Do you really need the light to come on when you open the microwave door? For some, yes; for others, no. Now, it’s just one light bulb, sure. However, if you don’t need it, unplug it and save a little electricity; at least that is what one of our prior home energy and water conservation contests told us. Yes, I turned the lights in the picture below of the microwave oven just to, well, take the picture. They were turned off immediately afterwards.

built in microwave No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips   5

Number 101, Raise Refrigerator Temperature and Number 102, Raise Freezer Temperature. Quick, check your settings. Are your fridge and freezer set at a temperature setting in the middle or one of the colder settings? When was the last time you actually checked? I just checked ours and was surprised to find that they were in the colder setting, so I reduced both by one notch. Over the next few days we’ll see if the higher temperature is OK. If it is, I’ll reduce both by another notch, and see how that works. Try it.

Number 103, Remove One Light Bulb From Garage Door Opener. Similar to removing every other light bulb inside the home. Most garage door openers have two light sockets. Try removing one and see if that gives you sufficient light for your needs. Go ahead, try this money saving tip.

garage No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips   5

Number 104, Turn Porch Light Off When Last One Home. Ever go to get the morning paper and notice that the porch light is still on? Oops. All that wasted electricity of having the porch light on all night. Geeeze.

Number 105, Keep Porch Light Off. Some entrants or our recent home energy and water conservation contest suggested just not using porch lights at all. When do you consume electricity? Well, it is when you use an electrical appliance or light. So, just don’t.

To access our last review of the many, many, many different ways in which you can reduce the consumption of electricity in your home at no cost to you to both save the environment and reduce our electric utility bill month after month after month, simply select this link to Part 6.

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