No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips – 4

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Do you want even more electricity consumption reduction energy saving and money saving tips which cost you absolutely nothing to do? Have all of the tips we have reviewed the past 3 days been enough for you?

No? Then review the following and add the ones you like to your own collection of money saving tips and start using them right now.

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Number 83, Turn Off Home Office Equipment When Not In Use, the next best thing to unplugging them completely so they don’t consume electricity.

Number 84, Put Scanner on Sleep Mode, Number 85, Put Printer on Sleep Mode, and Number 86, Put Fax Machine on Sleep Mode are all examples of what to do with different home office equipment should they need to be plugged in and turned on for you to reduce your electric bill.

Number 87, Turn Off Game Console When Finished, such as the Nintendo Wii, or X-Box 360; however, the next idea is more effective and saves more electricity.

Number 88, Unplug Game Console When Finished, such as Nintendo Wii or X-Box 360 to avoid phantom electricity consumption.

Number 89, Unplug Cellphone Recharger When Not In Use. Just like the recharger for cameras, iPods, Game Boys, and so on.

Number 90, Use Manual Shears vs Electric Trimmers for Bushes. Sure, it will take a bit longer. However, just think of the money you will save through a lower electric bill. It all ads up. I need to trim my hedges badly! This cedar hedge is already 9 feet high and very messy. 

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Number 91, Use Hand Operated Can Opener vs Electric. If you use more manual appliances your electric utility bills will go down month after month after month. There are some really good manual can openers out on the market these days that do not cost a lot. Why is this one no cost? Its because most households who have an electric opener also have a manual one as a backup. Start going to the backup now.

Number 92, Replace Toast With Bread / Dry Cereal for breakfast. Sure, why not?

Number 93, Rotate Cordless Phones in One Charger Base. No need to have multiple cordless phone re-chargers plugged into the wall when this idea will do the trick and save you money through reduced electricity consumption.

Number 94, Computer Standby Mode. It consumes a lot less electricity if you have to / want to leave the computer on for extended periods of inactivity.

To continue our review of no cost electricity conservation tips for the home, simply select this link to Part 5.

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