No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips – 3

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Yesterday, we continued our review of energy saving ideas on how to reduce our electric utility bill at absolutely no cost to us, especially in the summer when the air conditioner is working so much because of the heat.

Today we continue to review the money saving tips and energy conseration tips to reduce our home’s electricity consumption, taken from our Un-Official Guide to Home Energy & Water Conservation.


Number 69, Unplug Electrical Appliances When Away, except for the fridge and freezer of course. Simply turning off electrical appliances sees them to continue to consume electricity, re phantom electricity consumption.

Number 70, Take All Meal Items From Refridgerator at Once,  to keep more of the cool air inside.

Number 71, Clean Refrigerator Coils Periodically to the fridge takes less electricity to keep your food and beverages cold for you.

Number 72, Unscrew Every Other Light Bulb and see if using 1/2 as many lights is sufficient for your needs.

Number  73, Keep Dishwasher Drain Clear of Food Scraps to the dishes will be cleaned with, well, clean water. Otherwise, they might not come out clean requiring you to redo the cycle.

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Number 74, Keep Dryer Link Trap Clean, to allow the moisture to leave the dryer easily, dry the clothes therein more quickly and thus run less.

Number 75, Full Laundry Loads, to reduce the amount of times you have to run your dryer.

Number 76, Soak Dishes In Sink Overnight to help loosen baked on grime, allowing you to use the energy conservation cycle vs the pots and pan cycle of your dishwasher which uses more electricity.

Number 77Check Dryer Before Finish, so you can, Number 78, Remove Dry Garments Before End if any or unbundle large items such as bed sheets to have them dry more quickly.

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Number 79, Only Damp Dry Clothes in Dryer, laying them out on the bed, on towel racks, etc. That way you reduce heat damage to clothes being left in the dryer too long and also reduce the amount of electricity your dryer consumes, saving you money on your electric bill.

Number 80, Use Dryer Moisture Sensorfeature, if your dryer has one, so it will shut off when the clothes are dry vs over-drying them and wasting electricity.

Number 81, Do Consecutive Laundry Loads, to take advantage of a dryer (if you have to use one) that will be hot / warm on the inside in between loads.

Number 82, Avoid Dryer’s Wrinkle Shield Feature, as it will run your dryer for a minute or two every 5-ish minutes once the laundry is done until you open the door to the dryer. Imagine if you put the dryer on and then go out for the afternoon how many times the dryer will go on during that time. Yikes!

To continue to the next part of this series on no cost home electricity conservation tips, simply select this link to Part 4.

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