No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips – 2

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Yesterday, we started our review of enegy saving ideas on how to reduce our electric utility bill at absolutely no cost to us, especially in the summer when the air conditioner is working so much because of the heat.

Today we continue to review the money saving tips and energy conservation tips to reduce our home’s electricity consumption.


Number 57, Turn Off All Electrical Appliances Before Going to Bed. Last one up turns off all lights, electrical appliances, removes all re-chargers from the wall outlets, etc. Again, just another habit.

Number 58, Use Front Door More vs Garage Door. Contributed by a recent visitor to our site, this is a great idea for those who have an entrance from their garage to the house.

Number 59, Don’t Leave Computer On All Day. I’m as guilty as anyone for doing this. I like to see if anyone  has visited our site or left a comment. I should do better.

Number 60, Turn Off Fans When Not In Room. Fans make it feel cooler; they don’t actually reduce the real temperature. So, if you use fans (and why not?) in your home turn them off when you leave the room as they are providing no benefit yet are consuming electricity.

Number 61, Turn Off Appliances / Computer (when) Leaving Room. Again, a no brainer. If you are finished with the appliance / computer for a while, why leave it on to consume electricity and increase the size of your electric utility bill?

Number 62, Transfer Several Days of Food (from) Freezer to Fridge. Sure, the less often you have to open your freezer door the less of the very cold air will escape, causing the freezing unit to run less and therefore use less electricity.

Number 63, Christmas Lights at Night Only, especially the outside Christmas lights. Who can really see them any better when they are on during the day, regardless if you have LED type of Christmas lights.

Number 64, Turn Off Lights While Watching TV. This tip was in our 1st Edition of our Un-Official Guide. Some people need that extra light when it is dark outside; however do you? If not, leave the lights off when watching TV.

Number 65, Turn Off TV When Not Watching. Say you get up in the morning, turn the TV on to watch the local morning news show, then go take a shower. Please turn off the TV when you go to the shower. Don’t be so lazy that you can’t use the clicker / remote control once to turn it off and then a second time to turn it back on if you want to watch it after your shower.

Number 66, Turn Off TV (e.g. read, go out).Don’t be just a couch potato; do something else every now and again other than watching TV (except for course for when my fightin’ Irish are playing a televised football, basketball or ice hockey game. icon smile No Cost Home Electricity Conservation Tips   2 What about gardening for some exercise? Taking an evening or mid-day walk. Reading a book out back. The possibilities are endless.

Number 67, Unplug Dehumidifiers When Not Needed. Late fall, winter, early spring are typically times when dehumidifiers are not working. So, unplug them to eliminate any possible phantom electricity consumption.

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Number 68, Unplug Battery Rechargers When Done. Battery charger for the cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, camera; you name it, remove it from the outlet in the wall when finished recharging otherwise it will continue to consume electricity.

To review more electricity conservation tips for the home which cost absolutely nothing to do, simply select this link to Part 3.

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