Internal American Standard Champion Toilet Leak, Again – 2

Yesterday, in Part 1, we wrote about the internal new leak in our American Standard Champion toilet.

Today we write about our attempt to replace the internal parts of the toilet.

Now, even though we received both a replacement valve and stopper, I thought I would first try to replace just the valve because I could feel that water continuing to come into the overflow pipe from the refill tube leading from the valve.

Step 1, turn water off.

Step 2, flush the toilet followed by removing the remaining water in the tank using a large sponge.

Step 3, unscrew the coupling nut on the spiral metalic water supply line from the gray threaded shank (the large spirally part) of the valve which protrudes through the bottom of the tank.  

coupling nut from threaded shank Internal American Standard Champion Toilet Leak, Again   2

Step 4, remove the lock nut from the same gray threaded shank of the valve. Good thing I removed the excess water from inside the tank as this is when it would have leaked all over the floor. As it was, only a little water came out.

Step 5, on the inside of the tank I removed the threaded tube from the nipple of the valve. It was still less than a year old and was to me working fine so why not reuse it?

Step 6, lay the old valve next to the replacement valve from American Standard and see if there were any changes. There were. 

american standard champion toilet valve Internal American Standard Champion Toilet Leak, Again   2

In the picture above the new valve is beneath the old one. First, I had received two overflow tubes, the longer black one with the clip on one end and a shorter white one with no clips, which was just like the overflow tube already installed in our toilet from last time.

This new model had a different type of link or arm between the float cup and valve top. In the older model it was a thin piece of metal which I was used to.

float cup arm Internal American Standard Champion Toilet Leak, Again   2

As can be seen in the close-up from the picture above, this arm was different. As we will show tomorrow, you use it to adjust the placement of the float cup to adjust the height of the water in the tank.

So, how did we do trying to replace the valve outselves without the assistance of a professional plumber?  That’s where we conclude this short series of articles tomorrow.

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  1. fred says:

    hey man how do you like your Plumbshop Retro Fit Valve?
    my valve fitting rod just broke as a result of a few twists during replacing the toilet valve and i am thinking about getting a valve system like yours.

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