Most Common Home Energy & Water Conservation Measures

Yesterday we revealed the winner and statistics surrounding our Home Energy and Water Conservation Contest.

Today we thought you would be interested in the most common energy or water conservation suggestion submitted by the 470 contestants.

Perhaps this summary of the most frequent suggestions can spark some ideas in your own household. If you are not doing all of these, why not?

So, here are the top two or three home energy and water conservation suggestions made to


70 – Seventy of the entries were to turn off the faucet when brushing our teeth. This was the #1 suggestion made. It costs absolutely nothing to do (we like that!). It is simple to do (we like that as well). All it takes is to make this a personal habit. And, it makes sense as well. When the tooth brush is in your mouth, what is the water doing coming out of the tap except going directly down the drain.

45 – Forty-five of the entries in our contest were to never run either the dishwasher or clothes washing machine except for a full load. Again, another tip which costs absolutely nothing to do and is very simple as well. It just takes starting a new habit. As well, this also conserves electricity (to run both devices) as well as hot water (in the dishwasher … we don’t use hot water in the clothes washing machine do we? icon wink Most Common Home Energy & Water Conservation Measures )

whirlpool duet he front loading washing machine Most Common Home Energy & Water Conservation Measures

41 - Forty-one of the entries in our home energy and water conservation contest were to use a rain barrel to collect rain water and use to water the garden / plants. Actually, if you add up all of the uses suggested for water collected in rain barrels, this number would have exceeded 70. Many other suggestions were similar (i.e. capture rain water) but said to use other devices (e.g. pots,


61 – Sixty-one of the entries made stated to switch to energy saving light bulbs. This is not free to do. CFL light bulbs cost money; more money than non-energy saving light bulbs. However with most people stating this as the most common tip to reduce a home’s electricity consumption. CFL light bulbs last much longer and use much less electricity than old fashioned light bulbs.

51 - Fifty-one of our contestants suggested to simply turn lights off when you leave the room. Very easy. This one costs absolutely nothing to do monetarily; all it takes is habit. Just look at all of these lights turned on … yuk!

pot lights in family room ceiling Most Common Home Energy & Water Conservation Measures


33- Thirty-three of the entries related to opening and closing the interior window coverings depending on the season. Many said to be sure and have the curtains or blinds open in the winter to let the sun shine through and help heat the home. Others said to be sure to have them closed in the summer to help keep the sun out and prevent excess heat build-up causing the air conditioner to run longer. Of course, while better than leaving the interior blinds open during the summer, exterior window shades do a much, much better job (yes, like our EZ Snap exterior solar window shades) because they prevent most of the sun’s UV rays from even reaching the glass in the window, let alone from entering the home.

ez snap solar shades installed Most Common Home Energy & Water Conservation Measures

16- Sixteen of the entries related to increasing the amount of insulation in the home’s attic and walls. Under the ecoENERGY Residential Retrofit program (which we have recently ourselves completed) this is the energy conservation activity which has the quickest amount of financial payback, especially increasing attic insulation (hot air rises to the top) .


43 – Forty-three of the suggestions in our contest were to do cold water laundry.  Many of the entries included the comment that once people had switched they noticed no difference in the cleanliness of their clothes. This is yet another suggestion which costs absolutely nothing to do and simply requires one to start a new habit.

38- Thirty-eight of the entries included the suggestion to shorted the duration of one’s showers. Some said a 15 minute shower would do nicely; others 10 minutes; still others 5 minutes; and, even a few indicated 3 minutes was just fine. Sure, this home conservation suggestion applies both to water heating as well as water conservation. We decided to place it in water heating area of this contest summary. In our soon to be published Un-Official Guide to Home Energy & Water Conservation, we will list it twice….once for each.

And there you have it. The top two conservation suggestions from the 4 different home conservation categories.

Now you know what the majority of our contestants are saying. Are they also performing everyone of the home energy and water conservation tips which they submitted? That is another question entirely.

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