Home Energy Conservation – Additional Home Cooling Savings Tips

Editor’s Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation.

Yesterday we wrote about ideas on specific to how you can reduce your air conditioning costs to keep your home cool in the hot summer months at no or low cost to you.

Today we finish looking at the different ways that one can use to reduce the need for the air conditioner to run as often in the summer to keep our homes sufficiently cool.

Sure, these might be more appropriate to write about in the summer but January is energy conservation month here at DailyHomeRenoTips.com. So, be sure to bookmark this series of articles and return to them in the spring and summer.

Here is the Un-Official Guide to Home Energy Conservation ‘s listing of home cooling related energy conservation tips:


Want to see the other home cooling ideas we have not already written about? Simply pull down the vertical scroll bar in the above table.

By far, our favourite home cooling energy conservation tip are to install solar window shades on the outside of your east, south and west facing windows (#16). They cost (at least the ones we purchased) less than $3 per square foot, can be installed by the average home owner (we did) and dramatically reduce the amount of the sun’s UV rays from entering the house through the window.

exterior solar shade view from outside Home Energy Conservation   Additional Home Cooling Savings Tips

Why more people don’t purchase and install these in their home I really don’t know. Heck, we even purchased ours off the Internet. And, they do not block the view outside as shown in the picture below. You can read about our own experiences installing and using this wonderful energy conservation product here, including lots and lots of pictures on how we installed them ourselves.

exterior solar shade view from inside Home Energy Conservation   Additional Home Cooling Savings Tips

As far as our interior window coverings go, make sure you pull them down during the day to prevent the sun from creating excessive heat inside the house through the windows which do not have exterior solar shades installed (#17).

You can also install interior solar blinds to reflect those UV ray’s (but be sure to install them sufficiently away from the window to prevent such excess heat buildup between the window and the interior blind from cracking the window pane (#18).

Need to cook yet don’t want to create heat in the house? Purchase an outdoor BBQ (#19).

Consider installing retractable screens on your front and back doors (#20). These are an excellent combination of a device which can help keep your home well ventilated in the summer when it is cool outside (evenings and early mornings) yet when not in use you can have them retracted so you can see in plain view the door. They can even be installed for a double French door installation such as the picture below:

dreamscreen retractable screens installed Home Energy Conservation   Additional Home Cooling Savings Tips

Consider climbing vines on the south and west walls of your home (#21). These provide excellent shade in the summer.

Need a new air conditioner? Make sure you spend the extra money to acquire a high efficiency air conditioner (#22). Yes, they do cost more than a non-high efficiency air conditioner. However, they are much more energy efficient and many government rebates tend to be only for high efficiency models.

Lastly, one of the best energy conservation tips with the fastest financial payback is to ensure that you have sufficient insulation in your attic (#23). This one works for both keeping the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

And, there you have it. All of our current 240+ energy conservation tips for the home.

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