Hiding the Kitchen Tea Towel

One last and short article on these great 3M Command products.

When we had our kitchen completely remodeled 18 months ago, we were not about to drill a hole into the new cabinets.

So, we have been using the handle on our stove to hold the tea towel.

tea towel on stove handle Hiding the Kitchen Tea Towel

Yuk. Very unsightly…..and potentially dangerous.

Well, this product line of removable adhesive products from 3M included one which is sufficiently large to hold one of our tea towels.

I simply placed the adhesive yet removable strip against the back of the large hook base and then held it firmly in place on the inside of the left cabinet door by our sink. Those tabs you see protruding beyond the hook base in the picture below are what you pull down to release the hook. 

3m command large hook base Hiding the Kitchen Tea Towel

After one hour (per the package directions) I then placed the hook part onto what was already on the inside of the kitchen cabinet door.  

3m command large hook Hiding the Kitchen Tea Towel

Now we see the same tea towel resting nicely in place.

tea towel in place Hiding the Kitchen Tea Towel

And, of course the tea towel is no where to be seen once the kitchen cabinet door is closed.

kitchen cabinet doors closed Hiding the Kitchen Tea Towel

A nice finish. Oh and, yes, I know. We need new tea towels! icon smile Hiding the Kitchen Tea Towel

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  1. Janet says:

    I generally love what you say, but this time I really have to disagree- cabinet hooks can add a gorgeous element to your home, even if you have to drill in your new cabinets. I’ve found some gorgeous ones here: http://www.kitchen-cabinet-hardware.com/cabinet-hooks.php.
    I think they add so much more style than plastic hooks. And if something is pretty, who cares if it’s on the outside or inside of your cabinets?

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Janet,

    I can appreciate visual appearance is subjective.

    However, we do indeed disagree. I won’t drill holes in new cabinetry for anything. I’m a risk adverse person and knowing my I would likely drill the holes in the wrong place, or change my mind and want the hooks in a different place and what would I be left with but holds in a nice cabinet.

    Not for me.

  3. Where can i buy command security stripes

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    I would think at any hardward / home building materials store would sell them, e.g. Home Depot, Lowes.

    Possibly even Wallmart.

    I hope that helps,

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