EZ Snap Exterior Window Shades – One Year Later

Yes, we are running a contest this entire month of May for a chance to win one of three gift certificates towards the purchase of what we continue to believe is the best (in terms of ease of application, practicality and cost effectiveness) energy conservation type of product for homes or cottages in the summer, EZ Snap exterior window shades.

It is the first time we have run a contest for a specific individual product, so we were not going to use a product that we ourselves did not personally use and believe in.

Now, I receive emails from time to time from visitors to our site asking me a few questions so here for everyone are the questions and my answers regarding the EZ Snap exterior window shades:

1. Do we leave them on the outside of the windows all year?

Yes we do. This is in part (confession time here) because I can be a bit on the lazy side. However, the primary reason was so I can see what would happen if they are left on the windows all year round.

So, now I can tell you that I don’t notice any damage at all to the EZ Snap product having left it on our windows during the entire winter season.

ez snap exterior solar shade EZ Snap Exterior Window Shades   One Year Later

As well, I am glad we left them on all year because with the sun lower in the horizon during the winter the direct UV rays were even more direct on the south walls of our home. Yet, it was rare that we had to pull down our interior window shades because of these exterior solar blind type of product.


2. Are they easy to take off and put back on again?

Surprisingly easy.

As you may know this year we had cracks in the seals of two of our ENEGY STAR rated replacement windows, one of which was a large 4 foot by 3 and 1/2 foot stationary window in the south wall of our family room. Well, in order for the window to be replaced I had to take off the EZ Snap exterior window shade off from the outside.

ez snap removal 2 EZ Snap Exterior Window Shades   One Year Later

As you can see in the above pictures, it was very easy.

I was prepared with flat edge screw drivers and the like, but quite honestly I didn’t even need them. AS you can see in these series of pictures, the hardware which adhere to our metal window caps (via the 3M adhesive used in the anchoring hardware) remains in place, while the female and mail components stay together within the EZ Snap solar blind itself.

ez snap removal 1 EZ Snap Exterior Window Shades   One Year Later

I simply un-snapped the top part of the 8 foot wide mesh from the anchoring hardware first.

ez snap removal 3 EZ Snap Exterior Window Shades   One Year Later

Then I removed the remaining part of the EZ Snap exterior window blind from the window frame. And, yes, all of the anchoring hardware remained on the window frame.


ez snap removal 4 EZ Snap Exterior Window Shades   One Year Later

Very easy. It took all of 5 minutes.

3. Do They Really Work?

Absolutely for us they did.

What we wrote about last year on how the EZ Snap exterior window shades reduced by 15 degrees F the temperature reading on the digital thermometer which we placed before and after the installation on our above south facing family room window really happened.

To enter the contest for your chance to win one of three EZ Snap exterior window shade gift certificates, simply use this link to the contest rules and entry form. Return back every day between now and May 31st as we accept one entry per household every day in May.

Or, if you don’t want to wait to order your EZ Snap products, simply click on the EZ Snap link below.




ezsnap affiliate large EZ Snap Exterior Window Shades   One Year Later


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  1. tina miller says:

    I am actually buying the 3m version and just the start kit to try it out. This is for my 5th Wheel back window. I was going to try day/night shades but very expensive. And we are not at our place all the time where 5th is located and the day/night say store upright. Well this means all items within exposed. So looking for alternative and found these. The blinds throughout are not a problem but in the back of the 5th. This is due to the large arm chairs and people rocking and crunching up and bending the blinds. So we thought remove them since not needed and put these EZ shades on outside and see how that works. Not only will we see out our back window. No one is behind us but no more crunchy aluminum blinds. Now the rest we will probably do, but leave the blinds for darkness while sleeping. Just depends on how they work to cut down on the summer temparatures.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Tina,


    I would wait before removing the interior aluminum blinds to see how they work for you.

    Do note that this product is not meant to be like an interior blind with respect for not allowing people to see inside. Yes, during the day, when it is lighter outside, it is very hard for someone on the outside to see inside through these.

    However, at night, when lights are on inside people have no problems at all lookking inside from the outside (if that makes sense).


  3. bob says:

    Can these be used inside to darken room for sleeping?

  4. bob says:

    can these be used for interior windows?

  5. Dan says:

    Hi Bob,

    Reegarding your Q re ‘darken room for sleeping, no. They let a lot of difused light inside the room.

    You would need to retain your interior window shade / blind to darken the room sufficiently for sleeping.


  6. Dan says:

    Hi, Again, Bob,

    As far as for interior windows, I’m not sure what you mean. A true ‘interior’ window is one that is inside the house on both sides, so I don’t see the point or need to reduce the sun’s UV rays from entering the hosue.

    If you meant ‘can you put thse on the inside of windows’, sure. However, as the information on the EZ Shap Direct web site indicates (which you can access from clicking on the links from within this site) it is much, much preferred to install solar shades on the outside of windows so the UV rays don’t even reach the window pane in the first place.

    As well, you have to be careful about installing any type of interior window shade as it can cause so much heat to be redirected towards the glass in the window that it might do damage.


  7. Rick New says:

    I am looking into buying several of the shades for my home in West Texas. I have five windows 6×4 that face the east in my living area and a bay window in my bedroom that faces west. As you can imagine our a/c works overtime trying to keep our home cool (not doing a very good job). Does the shades only attached to metal window facings or can they be attached to wood facings? How about durablilty in wind. Sometime TX storms can be pretty windy?

  8. Dan says:

    Hi Rick,

    The anchoring hardware can be used on a metal wood frame (such as the ones we have) or on wood frames.

    We actually used the adhesive anchoring hardward not to make any holes in metal window frames. However, the standard packaging would include the anchoring hardward for wood frames.

    While the storms in West Texas can be more severe than were we live (eastern part of North America), ours have been on for more than two years now and not any issues at all with any of the adhesive studs coming off.

    I hope that helps,

  9. Chris says:


    Are you still using the EZ Snap Screens ? Are you happy with the performance ?

    Also, in the winter, did you see any heat retention qualities to these screens ?

    I am looking to purchase this for my 5 west facing Skylights.



  10. Dan says:

    Hi Chris,
    We are still using them on our south facing windows in our family room and kitchen eating area now into our 4th year.

    So far, only one of the adhesive anchor snaps has become separated from the metal window frame; an easy fix to do.

    No, there is no heat retention in the winter.

    I hope that helps,

  11. Chris says:

    Thanks !

  12. Julia says:

    I am investigating the EZ Snaps to combat two problems. One is solar gain in tfhe summer from my two large SW facing picture windows; and the second purpose is to block heat reflection onto two of my vinyl-sided walls from double pane argon-filled UV coated windowns. Siding has already been damaged but need to find a solution before having it replaced. I live about 4 hours north of Toronto in a rural area and the summer means lots of mosquitos, flies, gnats and black flies. Hve you had any problem with bugs getting between screen and window pane? I do not want to find it necessary to remove the solar screen every few weeks to clean out dead insects. Thanks for any info you can share!

    • Dan says:

      Hi Julia,
      These are not meant to replace window screens as the fit ‘loosely’ against the outside of your window.

      Having said that, I did not have any issues where I used to live and had them installed (Oshawa, Ontario) yet I had central air conditioning in that house so the windows were not open much of the time.


      • Julia says:

        I will still use interior screens. I was wondering if insects get between the EZ Snap solar screen and the exterior of the window. Do the insects climg under the solar screen between the anchor snaps. Does that explain my question better?

        • Dan says:

          Hi Julia,
          Thank you for your clarrification.

          I used as the articles on our web site indicate the adhesive 3M snaps. For this installation I never had any issue with bugs climbing underneath as you describe.

          I would think that using the wood screw installation anchors would provide the same security re bugs.


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