ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows – Air Leaks 3

Yesterday we wrote about how not only our bedroom slider window but also one of the large picture stationary windows in our family room had developed moisture condensation inside between the two panes of glass caused by air leaks.

Both are ENERGY STAR rated windows. Yet, would we have issues with the window salesman and manufacturer?

I mean, the replacement windows were spot on a full year from their installation date.

I was especially concerned with the 4 foot by 4 foot stationary picture window. This window, and it’s counter part on the right, were the visual impact windows in our home as they gave the light into the family room and kitchen and through which the forested ravine behind our home can be seen.

So, I called up the window sales person who was very, very surprised, He asked, as would I if I were in his position, if I checked to see that the condensation was not on the inside or outside of the windows.

window interior moisture family room 2 ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows   Air Leaks 3

Once I told him that they were indeed inside, he simply confirmed which windows they were and wrote up the replacement order.

I did send him the pictures of the condensation build-up, the same ones in this and the prior articles just so he could see for himself.

But, who would pay for the replacement and installation cost?

window interior moisture bedroom 2 ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows   Air Leaks 3

Well, the terms of our purchase contract said that installation was covered for one year from installation date. However, the windows themselves had a lifetime warranty.

So, we are not expecting to pay for the replacement windows nor the cost of the installers to remove the defective windows and install the replacements.

Once this is done, we will report back, with pictures of course of how the replacement for the leaking windows went.

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  1. Illinois Window Installation says:

    Interesting post. I am curious to what company you were working with? Did they resolve the problem free of charge?

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Kristina,

    It depends on the warranty at the time of purchase, right?

    In our case, the windows have a lifetime warranty on the product so yes, they are being replaced free of charge.

    Now that the weather has turned for the better, they are scheduled to come by in the next few weeks and replace the two windows.

    As far as the company, not to worry, they are not in your tri-state area.


  3. Phillip says:

    What Brand of Vinyl Windows did you purchase?

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Phillip,

    We went with FM ENERGY STAR Windows.


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