Basement Drywall Ceiling Vent Cover – Part 2 – Solutions A and B

In Part 1 yesterday,  we reviewed our situation, where a standard ceiling vent cover would not fit within the vent hole in our drywalled ceiling. We did however come up with a three pronged solution.First, when I was at the Home Depot I came across cold air return covers in amongst the different vent covers. The difference is that a vent cover has the portion which is about an inch and a half, perhaps two inches deep, that goes into the vent opening to help hold it in place. A cold air return cover does not.

Of course there are two basic types of cold air returns, those which have a lever to close the vent slots to stop air from passing through and those that do not.

cold air return cover Basement Drywall Ceiling Vent Cover   Part 2   Solutions A and B

I decided to go with the one that did not have such a lever.


cold air return cover fits Basement Drywall Ceiling Vent Cover   Part 2   Solutions A and B

Well, it was because the vent opening in the drywalled ceiling was all messed up and it appeared to me that the part of the lever mechanism which was behind the cold air return vent would not fit into the opening in the ceiling.

The second reason was that I was going to go back to one of my favorite home maintenance solutions which we have written about previously to stop air from vents from passing through even closed vent covers.

Yes, that’s right; the one, the only, the always in demand vent blocker.

This is the same type of vent blocker that I used on our youngest daughter’s ceiling vent cover (within her basement bedroom) in the summer to stop the cooled air from the air conditioner from making her already sufficiently cool bedroom too cold in the summer and which we used on many of the other drop ceiling vent covers in the basement recreation room.

In the winter I simply take the vent blocker from the basement bedroom and place it on one of the floor heating vent in our other daughter’s main floor bedroom as it becomes too hot in that room even with the vent cover closed because there is no damper in the duct work. We wrote about this solution in this article last winter.

Now, the one challenge with using an air duct cover with a vent blocker is that the vent blocker is magnetic. It will stay in place if the air duct cover is metal, not plastic (unless I come up with a way to attach the vent blocker to the air duct cover.

Instead I went with solution ‘C’.

Come back tomorrow to learn about solution ‘C’ which completed our approach to our basement drywall ceiling vent solution.

To continue with the next and last article in this series, simply select this link to Part 3.

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