Replace Worn Door Sweep

Last week we wrote an article on different ways one could reduce heating (in the winter) and cooling (in the summer) utility bills through low cost energy conservation tips.

Within that article was the suggestion to install door sweeps at the bottom of exterior doors.

What if the door sweep becomes worn or broken?

broken door sweep Replace Worn Door Sweep

Well, replace it.

In our case the door sweep I had installed just last year on the bottom of the cold cellar door had already broken. So, it was not really keeping out the cold air from the outside. I could feel the cold air rushing in past the broken part of the door sweep.

So I purchased the Comfort Plus Vinyl L-Shape door sweep from RCR International as the replacement. This door sweep cost about $2 more but it was more sturdy and seemed like it would keep out the cold air in the winter better than the original one.

comfort plus door sweep Replace Worn Door Sweep

This model was made out of hard vinyl with rubberized areas for the insulation.

There was also a rubberized component that would fit between the bottom of the door and the part of the door sweep meant to keep out the cold air.

removing old sweep Replace Worn Door Sweep

So I simply removed the old broken unit with my father in-law’s 4-in-one screw driver (thanks, John icon wink Replace Worn Door Sweep ).

door sweep sizing Replace Worn Door Sweep

I then used the old one as my guide to where I needed to cut on either end so the new unit would fit the door. I used my old construction sheers, the same ones I had used to cut the metal studs in the basement of my first home oh so many lifetimes ago.

l shaped vinyl door sweep Replace Worn Door Sweep

This was followed by a quick placement of the new sweep under the door and using the screws supplied with the kit. 

door sweep replaced Replace Worn Door Sweep

And, there we have the new sweep installed and our home is less leaky, air leaks wise. All it took was some pocket change and about 15 minutes (most of which was spent looking for the screw driver icon wink Replace Worn Door Sweep ).

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  1. bakeapples says:

    My F-I-L has the same screw driver. Handy eh!

    I asked for one for Christmas but Santa couldn’t find one.

    Any posts on the cold cellar? I have one under the front step that needs some work (cleaned, vents added to reduce condensation, etc).

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Bakeapplies,

    Small world!

    None yet, although I don’t like the one we have particularly because the vent is waaaaaay too close to the level of the outside garden.

    I would prefer to close the vent, but as you mentioned there would be the risk of condensation, etc.

    No artices yet….but the year is young!

    If anyone has any suggestions on what to do with a cold cellar, please leave a comment for bakeapples and others…including me!


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