Interior Window Plastic Insulation – 3

In Part 2 we finished installing the plastic insulating film over one of the 5 foot high windows in our walkout basement.

Once this was done we proceeded to install the plastic film in the same manner on the other two windows in the basement, including the 5 foot b y 8 foot wide double window.

Here’s a picture of that double window once the see through pastic insulation had been installed but before the excess plastic (seen on the left) had been removed and the hand held blow dryer applied to remove the wrinkles in the plastic.

double window Interior Window Plastic Insulation   3

But wait, we are not done. We have the sliding doors to do now.

Sliding doors?

sliding doors Interior Window Plastic Insulation   3

Sure, why not? The packaging even shows pictures of the plastic being applied on sliding doors. Above is a picture of ours.

Now, I realize that the insulating plastic will be applied much closer to the pane of glass in the sliding door than was the case for the windows. However, remember that a sliding door, just like a window, is nothing more than a big old hole in the wall. Any insulation is better than none.

And, the glass in our sliding doors are a full 6 feet high, so in effect, the hole in the wall is larger for the sliding door than for our windows. And yes, when we stand by those sliding doors (which we have to do several times a day to let Sandy, our pet Cockapoo, out the back yard to do her, well, business icon wink Interior Window Plastic Insulation   3 ), we can feel the coldness of the outside with the doors tightly shut.

So, where to place the two sided tape? See the pictures below showing the placement of the tape with the while cover still protecting the part of the tape that is to hold the plastic see through film.

sliding door tape Interior Window Plastic Insulation   3

window insulation tape lower Interior Window Plastic Insulation   3

Now, what you have to watch out for is the placement of the two sided tape and see through plastic insulating film around the handle for the sliding door. In our case there was just enough room on the wood frame for us to place the tape. 

sliding door upper with clear plastic insulating film Interior Window Plastic Insulation   3

sliding door with insulating clear plastic film Interior Window Plastic Insulation   3

Other than that, I didn’t find any other differences when installing the clear plastic window insulation on the sliding doors. In the above pictures you can see around the edge of the sliding glass door window the plastic insulating film (and if you look sufficiently closely through the glass you can see our outdoor clothesline which we use in the summer to dry some (but not as much as we should) of our clothes to reduce the electricity consumed by the clothes dryer). And in the lower picture above you can still see the remnants of the excess clear plastic insulating film lying on the ground as it had been cut from that which remained on the door.

Yes, the basement feels warmer, especially up close to the windows.

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  1. If you can find plastic film big enough, I would highly suggest you apply it over the entire sliding door frame rather than just the window panes. These sliding doors are often a fair source of air leakage, so sealing the entire door would stop air leakage between the sash, and around the edges of the doors. I also like to seal around the edge of the fixed door with caulking…. why not?
    Great website.. keep it up.
    Chris Albrecht
    Certified Energy Advisor
    Waterloo Region Green Solutions

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Chris,

    I agree with you.

    Unfortunately, we open and close the sliding door several times a day through out the year to let our pet dog, Sandy, … well, do her business out back.

    Thanks for visiting our site.

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