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Editor’s Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation.

In Part 1 and Part 2, we looked at about half of the different energy conservation tips we have collected that you can use to reduce your home heating bills that will cost you nothing to do.

Today we look at energy conservation tips for the home owner which are cheap to do. In these turbulent economic times, we really do need maximum effect for our efforts. Sometimes spending a little money can go a long way.

Here is the Un-Official Guide to Home Energy Conservation‘s listing of air heating energy conservation tips:

OK, so where are the cheap tips? Just pull the vertical scroll bar down in the above file insert and you will see the 12 (tips 24 thru 35) home heating conservation ideas that cost just a little to do (yes, as well as those which are more expensive to implement, but we will cover those in the next article).

Make sure that the vent from the clothes dryer to the outside is sufficiently sealed so cold air cannot enter the house from the outside (#24). It it is not, perhaps you need to buy a new dryer vent cover.

Are you an animal lover? If yes, then snuggle with your pets to share their body heat (#25).  However, pet’s want to eat and drink so you will have to spend some money to feed them. Are you a party animal? icon smile Home Energy Conservation   Cheap Heating Savings Tips If you are, then hold a party at your home to share the body heat of your guests (#29). But, you will still have to pay for some munchies and beverages, even if the party is BYOB. icon wink Home Energy Conservation   Cheap Heating Savings Tips

For those of you who have storm windows or storm doors, be sure that they are in good working order; i.e. there are no gaps caused by damage to these insulating devices. If they are damaged, spend a little money to repair them (#26) so they are working properly.

Be kind to your feet; wear slippers in the house to keep them warm and you warm too (#27). If you have concrete basement flooring, find some / buy some carpet remnants and place them on top of the concrete floor (#28). This will help keep the basement area a little warmer.

Even with ENERGY STAR rated windows, you have to remember that a window is nothing more than a big hole in the wall. The bigger the window, the bigger the hole. If you simply stand next to a window on a cold day you will feel the coolness of the window coming towards you. And this is without drafty windows. So, consider using one of those window insulation kits which you can pick up at just about any building supply or hardware store and install them on the inside of your windows (#30). We will be doing this ourselves (been a bit busy lately .. should have done it earlier this winter) and we will write about how it went in a later post.

And, if you do have drafty windows, then consider still installing these window insulation kits but having the plastic wrap around to include the window frame to catch the drafts (#31). Usually the window insulation kits are installed on the inside of the window frames.

Don’t forget to pay for an annual maintenance on your furnace (#32) so it can generate heat in the winter the most efficiently that it possibly can.  

high efficiency furnace Home Energy Conservation   Cheap Heating Savings Tips

I really like the tip that one of our contestants submitted about remembering to keep windows clean on the outside and inside during the winter (#34) to maximize the amount of sun that enters the house. Just as in the summer you want to minimize the amount of direct sunlight passing through windows to create excess heat buildup (by using, for example, exterior window shades, awnings, tall trees), you want to maximize the amount of direct sun light entering the home through the windows to help heat the house.

We have those large 5 foot high windows in our family room on the south facing part of our home and they do help to keep the house warm during the day in the winter.

Lastly, if you do feel drafts at the bottom of our doors consider buying door socks to stop the drafts from letting in the cold air and letting out the warm (#35)

Tomorrow, we conclude (for now) our look at energy conservation tips that are focused exclusively at reducing your home heating costs.

To continue to our review of the heating savings tips we have collected, simply select this link to More Costly Heating Savings Tips.

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