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Editor’s Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation.

In the previous two articles within our Home Energy Conservation series, we looked at activities which the average home owner can do which will cost nothing to do, or very little to do.

Today we start our look at how the average home owner can reduce their winter home heating costs by undertaking steps which will, again, cost nothing to do. In these turbulent economic times, we really do need maximum effect for our efforts.

Here is the Un-Official Guide to Home Energy Conservation ‘s listing of air heating energy conservation tips:

The first thing you should notice is how many of the above tips have a leading asterisk, signifying that the suggestion came from someone who entered our home energy conservation tips contest of last month. So, it’s not like the tips within the above listing are brand new.

The questions to be addressed by you should be:

  1. Which tips apply to you (not all tips apply to everyone all the time)?
  2. Of these, which ones are you not doing all the time and why?

Starting at the top, you will notice that some of these suggestions will not work in isolation of others. For example, turning the temperature setting down on your thermostat (#1) won’t work if you don’t wear heavier clothing and / or layered clothing (#2). However, both cost you nothing to do (assuming you already have sweaters, sweat shirts, etc.)

If you sleep under blankets at night, more than you would do during the summer (#3), then you can have the setting on your thermostat even lower at night than you do during the day (#8).

Some of these suggestions are reminders to check that you have closed openings in your home’s envelope as winter approaches such as closing a fresh air vent in a window air conditioner (#4),  closing and locking the windows (#18), and closing the storm door window (#19).

Closing the glass door covering the fireplace when it is not in use (#5) or closing the damper in your fireplace also when not in use (#23) are great tips…you just need to remember to do this throughout the winter. When the fireplace is not on, warm air will leave the house though the chimney (remember, warm air rises to the top, right? icon smile Home Energy Conservation   No Cost Heating Savings Tips   1 ).  By closing the fireplace damper and the glass covering to the fireplace you are making it very difficult for the heated air to find a way to go up the chimney.

fireplace Home Energy Conservation   No Cost Heating Savings Tips   1

That then brings us to the collection of tips to reduce your home’s heat consumption relating to turning the temperature down or off in your home. Turning down the temperature setting on your home’s thermostat at night (#8), mentioned earlier, as well as when away at work (#10) you can do once and forget about it if you have a programmable thermostat.

However, turning down the temperature when you go out for an errand (#9) is up to you because usually there’s no set time or day when you are out of the house for various reasons other than at work. This tip needs to become a habit for you unless you always leave your home, for example, at 10 am every Saturday for a trip to the library, followed by grocery shopping followed by putting gasoline in the car.

Tips such as turn off the heat during the day (#11), turn off the heat at night (#12) and turning off the heat when out for an errand do concern me (#13) for both health of occupants of the home as well as for pipes possibly freezing if the heat is turned off for a sufficiently long period. I would rather see the temperature setting turned down significantly than completely off for any length of time.

Tomorrow, we look at the remaining suggestions that cost nothing to do yet can help you reduce your heating costs during the winter.

To continue our discussion on no cost heating savings ideas, simply select this link to Part 2.

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