Home Energy Conservation During A Recession or Depression

Editor’s Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation.

Happy New Year!

Last year, on January 1, 2008 we started our first ever series of articles here on DailyHomeRenoTips.com when we started to write on our experiences with the ecoENERGY Residential Retrofit grant program’s energy efficiency assessment (energy audit).

In a mere 365 days the world’s economy has gone to ‘hell in a hand basket’. Everyone knows that the world is in the grips of a major global economic recession. Have you looked at your retirement portfolio, your 401K, your RRSP, etc. lately? Have you? Like what you see? icon sad Home Energy Conservation During A Recession or Depression

When the ‘other guy’ looses his or her job, it’s a recession. When you lose yours, it’s a depression.

When money is tight, people naturally look for ways to spend less … a lot less.

When money is tight, people’s focus out of necessity is on the short term; the very short term. They tend to make spending decisions which require the least cash outflow in the very short term even if it will cost them more in the medium to long term.

Sadly, environmental issues do not go away during  a recession. Sure, there may be less polluting emissions going into the atmosphere from cars during a recession with less people driving to jobs they no longer have, or because factories have shut down.

Yet, the ozone layer does not all of a sudden become fixed during an economic recession.

In fact, what tends to happen when cash is tight and people focus on extreme cash (not energy) conservation in the short term, is that they will buy what ever is the cheapest  product.

Sadly, most times, the cheapest product is also the least energy efficient.

Need a new water heater? Will you buy a solar water heater for around $5,000 or more, or simply get the local utility to replace the natural gas or electric hot water tank at $15 per month?

Need a new car to take you to your new job 2 hours away from where you live because you lost your old job and this new one was the only job you could get? Will you buy a hybrid or electric car costing $40,oo0+  or will you purchase a gas guzzling used car for around $15,000?

See what I mean?

When it comes to energy conservation in the home, it does not have to be that way. You do not have to spend much money at all in order to reduce the amount of non-renewable resources consumed in your home.

In fact, there are many, many energy conservation activities anyone can do that cost nothing; that right zero.

You want to and need to spend less? Reduce your home’s utility bills by undertaking a number of energy conservation steps which will cost you not one penny.

Last month, we held a Home Energy Conservation Tips contest where entrants were required to submit one energy conservation tip usable in the home with their submission. Well, when we combined the home energy conservation tips we already had gathered on our own, together with those new ones submitted by the over 800 contestants, we now have a total of over 240 energy conservation tips usable in any home.

And, do you want to know the really, really cool news about all this? Of our over 240 home energy conservation tips:

  • 106, or 44% cost absolutely nothing to do
  • 74, or  31% are cheap to do

Adding it up, 183 or 74% of the ideas on our Un-Official Home Energy Conservation Guide within the Energy Conservation page of our site cost you nothing or next to nothing to do, yet using them will … in the very short term … reduce your home’s energy consumption and thus:

  • reduce your home’s heating and electricity utility bills,
  • thus putting more cash in your pocket for other things like, um, oh, the mortgage, or food, while at the same time
  • reduce the amount of non-renewable resources consumed directly or indirectly within your home.

What are you waiting for?

Visit our Energy Conservation page and review the list of over 240 home energy conservation ideas to see which ones you want to start using that you are not already. Within this list we have:

  • 53 Air Heating Conservation Tips
  • 38 Air Heating & Cooling Conservation Tips
  • 23 Air Cooling Conservation Tips
  • 70 Electricity Conservation Tips
  • 21 Cooking Energy Conservation Tips
  • 22 Water Heating Conservation Tips

Surely with all of those different tips in different energy consumption reduction categories you can find at least one or two or three or four or …. that you are not currently using which you can start using right away.

And, for the rest of the month of January, we will only write articles on our site which focus at least in part on home energy conservation. Many of the articles during January will focus on individual and combinations of the many, many home energy conservation tips on our list whether they relate to electricity reduction, home heating, cooking, and so on.

And, we will also continue to have some articles within our Solar Air Heating series of articles as well.

So, start checking out that list of ours and start saving money …. and the planet!

Heck, if you are looking for a New Year’s resolution why not resolve to use a new home energy conservation tip every day for the first 6 months of the year that cost you nothing or next to nothing to do. icon smile Home Energy Conservation During A Recession or Depression

Simply select this link to continue to the next article in this length series on home energy conservation and money savings.

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  1. Ray says:

    So, who won the contest?

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Ray,

    Happy New Year!

    You can find out who won the contest and their winning entry (s) in our earlier article:



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