Energy Conservation Project Listing – EZ Snap Exterior Solar Blinds

We have had requests for us to create separate pages which will list every article we have written about our experinces within a particular home renovation or home energy conservation project of ours. So, this week, the week between Christmas and New Years, that is exactly what we will do. You asked for it, you got it! icon wink Energy Conservation Project Listing   EZ Snap Exterior Solar Blinds

Today we present our experiences installing and using the exterior solar blinds / solar shades we purchased over the Internet from EZ Snap. This way you won’t have to start at the first article if you prefer to jump to and article in the middle of our series on this excellent energy conservation product.

Below on the left is a picture of how these energy conservation product looks from inside the house. See how these solar shades, installed on the outside, do not bock the view from the inside?

On the right is how this product appears installed on the outside of one of our south facing windows.

exterior solar shade view from inside Energy Conservation Project Listing   EZ Snap Exterior Solar Blinds exterior solar shade view from outside Energy Conservation Project Listing   EZ Snap Exterior Solar Blinds

Yes, they were very easy to install. Yes, we installed them ourselves on our south facing windows to reduce most of the sun’s UV rays from entering our home to cause excessive heat build up during the summer (and, in our case in the winter too!) and damage to our hardwood floors. Yes, we really liked them. Yes, they worked and continue to work as advertised for us. Yes, we recommended them to anyone who has east, south and west facing windows.

ezsnap affiliate med Energy Conservation Project Listing   EZ Snap Exterior Solar Blinds

Below is a listing for each article in the Exterior Solar Blinds series with a link that will take you directly to the article which peaks your interest. If you prefer to start at the beginning, not to worry because at the end of one article is a link to the next one in the series.


Part   1 – The Need

Part   2 – Enter EZ Snap

Part   3 – Window Frame Impact

Part   4 – Careful On The Measurements

Part   5 – Hardware Installation

Part   6 – Installation Completed on Test Window

Part   7 – Installation Results From The Inside

Part   8 – Removing The Wrinkles

Part   9 – Calling All Southern States Residents

Part 10 – Beware The Hammer

Part 11 – EZ Snap and French Doors 1

Part 12 – EZ Snap and French Doors 2

Part 13 – Exterior Solar Shades In The Winter

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  1. desiree kelley says:

    great product

  2. Ann says:

    I want to say that this was SO easy I couldn’t believe it and what a difference it is making. My breakfast room has a southern exposure and I have french doors. I put EZ snap on both doors and it has made a world of difference in the amount of heat in that room. Again, it was SO easy to install. I love them!

  3. Dave says:

    Do you have any experience or knowledge about interior window solar shades?

    I understand that a cellular or honeycomb style shade can provide insulation value.

    Also, that these can be track-mounted into the window frame – not sure if this would increase the insulation value over the regular free-hanging shade.

    Any thoughts or suggestions where I can learn more?


  4. Dan says:

    Hi Dave,

    We did use (because we won it in an energy conservation fair contest) an interior window solar shade / screen. It was supposed to generate heat on one side and repell UV rays on the other. Yes, it was reversable.

    I found that it really did nothing to increase the temperature in the room. Sure, the window was only about 3 ft X 4 ft. Yet, I was sufficiently unimpressed that I threw it out this year.

    If you search for interior solar blinds here you sould find the articles with pictures.


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