Don’t Forget Annual Maintenance For Your Furnace

Likely you heard it on your local TV station’s ‘On Your Side’ or ‘Consumer SOS’ or what ever the name given to the segment on the local news focusing on consumer issues.

But, I am going to remind you again.

With the cool days and nights of autumn now in full force, if you have a home heating oil or natural gas furnace, you need to remember two things.

One, when was the last time you either changed the air filter (for a disposable type) or cleaned the air filter (for one of those electric type air filters) in your furnace?

A dirty air filter makes the furnace work harder which in turn costs you more money and consumes more non-renewable resources (natural gas or oil), emitting more pollutants into the air you and I and our families breathe.

Second, while some think it is a waste of money, you should have your furnace looked at by a professional once a year as part of an annual furnace maintenance program.

inside furnace picture Dont Forget Annual Maintenance For Your Furnace

Above is a picture of the inside of our ‘Ultra High Efficiency’ furnace taken when we had the technician over earlier this fall. It looks pretty complicated to me. I wouldn’t think of touching it. I’ll leave that to the pro’s.

That is why I will leave it looking like the picture below, all covered up until the next time that the professional comes over for his annual routine maintenance. icon smile Dont Forget Annual Maintenance For Your Furnace

high efficiency furnace Dont Forget Annual Maintenance For Your Furnace

Now, the annual maintenance includes cleaning of the inside components, checking all the wiring, etc. to make sure everything is in working order. We have had in other houses Jerry, who had his own furnace maintenance and repair business come over each spring once the heating season was finished to perform the annual maintenance.

Why in the spring? Well I think it was because in one of our prior houses we had some issue with it’s furnace in the spring and since he was already over performing the repair we had him also perform the annual maintenance. So, we just kept having him come over each spring.

Sadly, we lost contact with Jerry, so in our current home we have the fella from Direct Energy come over in the fall.

Furnaces of any time oil or natural gas based, non-high efficient, high efficient or ultra high efficient all should have IMO an annual check-up by a professional, just like the more frequent maintenance for your car or puck-up truck or SUV.

I don’t really know everything that goes into those either. All I know is I need to take the car and mini-van in for servicing (oil & filter change; inspection of the lights, belts, etc.) according to its maintenance schedule. If I don’t do it I can expect to start having more problems with the vehicle.

Same thing for home furnaces; they are not cheap to replace … costing well into the $2,000 and much more for high efficiency models. Don’t put it off; call your furnace professional today for the annual maintenance of your furnace.

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