En Suite Shower Leak – Part 2

In Part 1 we discovered a new water stain on one of the newly replaced ceiling tiles in the basement directly above our en suite shower. Today, we discover the cause and the fix.

On Monday Bennett arrived and once examining the basement went to the shower and over the course of 20 minutes discovered the cause of the leak.

He had me help him by holding a bucket over the ceiling shower head while he ran the shower with the face place off of the wall.

We did this twice over the course of 5 minutes. The first time he found water was dripping down on the inside of the wall tile near the opening where the face plate had been removed, i.e. where the water for the rain forest shower head’s on / off valve was located.

But, he could not find any actual leak at that location.

After the second time running the rain forest ceiling shower with me holding the bucket directly underneath to catch the water (which helped to not only keep him and myself dry but also that it was not in this case anything to do with the new shower floor) he reached up as far as he could behind the open wall tile and felt the water running down from something above these on/ off valves.

shower tap repair 2 En Suite Shower Leak   Part 2

Super. icon sad En Suite Shower Leak   Part 2   I had visions that the wall tile from the on / off valve up to the would need to be broken to get at what ever was causing the water to leak from the vertical pipe up to the shower head.

I left to do some work in another part of the house, and in about 15 minutes Bennett came to get me. He had found and repaired the leak.

What was the cause? He had no explanation how it happened (other than possible improper original installation?) but the shower head had come loose from the horizontal pipe coming out from the wall. How loose? Try about 4 full 360 degree turns of the shower head.

shower tile 011 En Suite Shower Leak   Part 2

This is more than the shower head simply becoming a little loose when he used the power drill to loosen the 5 inches of poured concrete from the removal of the original shower floor. He could not explain how that could have happened.

What he also noticed was that the shower head had been placed on the horizontal water pipe not with plumbers tape but with a type of grey putty. In his experience, nothing replaces plumbers tape to help seal the connection. When a shower head is screwed onto the pipe, if one uses the grey putty it will actually be pushed off in many cases from the pipe. However, he has never seen plumbers tape pushed off the pipe when a shower head is screwed on. So, his best practice is to always use plumbers tape.

shower tile 012 En Suite Shower Leak   Part 2

All’s well that end’s well. No more leaks. All I need to do now is to get out to the hardware store and purchase on more ceiling tile than I had originally planned to buy.

Finally, no more shower leaks!

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