Internal Toilet Leak – Part 3 – Toilet Leak Fixed

In Part 2 we had received the replacement part for the internally leaking American Standard toilet. We also indicated the instructions from the customer support person on the phone:

  1. Unscrew 4 screws holding the current part
  2. Remove defective part
  3. Place new part
  4. Replace 4 screws to hold the new part
  5. Done

Well, not quite.

Here is what happened after steps 1 and 2:

orginal champion toilet tank part Internal Toilet Leak   Part 3   Toilet Leak Fixed

Um. It is now no longer a single part in one piece but in three pieces. Why?

Well, just as there is in the replacement part, the original part has a rubber seal / washer at the bottom. Well, this rubber seal had become fixed to the metal component underneath. The only way we could remove the defective part was to (A) break it into 3 pieces per above and then (B) remove the metal component to which it was affixed.

So, what likely happened is that during the assembly and shipping processes, the toilet was exposed to such high a temperature that the metal became sufficiently hot to start to melt the rubber seal of the defective part. I don’t think it had anything to do with the defect itself, but one never knows.

So, with that done, the metal bottom part was placed back in the tank.

toilet tank 033 Internal Toilet Leak   Part 3   Toilet Leak Fixed

This was followed by then installing the new Flush Tower onto the metal component seen in the picture above.

american standard champion toilet tank without water Internal Toilet Leak   Part 3   Toilet Leak Fixed

Then replacing the handle, placing the white tube providing the fresh water inside the grey tower per the instructions that came with the replacement part, turn on the water flow into the toilet tank and test.

american standard champion toilet tank full Internal Toilet Leak   Part 3   Toilet Leak Fixed

The test is still going. Why? Well, it has not been leaking any longer! icon smile Internal Toilet Leak   Part 3   Toilet Leak Fixed

So, how long does the test need to go before one says the test is over? Well, I think it’s over. Nicely done, American Standard. Very good customer support. Quick product delivery, and right to our home yet! Nicely done.

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  1. Herb says:

    Ah Yes … The infamous American Standard Champion toilet. We installed 4 of them in our reno thinking that they would be the ticket. It wasn’t until we moved in that we found out how much noise they made during the flush cycle. No way to be quiet with my 3 am trip for sure.
    Complained to our plumbing wholesaler and with their pressure on as we were able to return them and get a more conventional comfort height toilet. Noe everyone is happy.

  2. Steve says:

    Bought mine in April 2008 and it started leaking in December. I’ve replaced the blue gasket 2 times and it still leaks. AS is sending me a new flush valve now….we’ll see how this goes. Overall, disappointed for the money spent.

  3. Rebekah Bowser says:

    I have the new blue seal version, we bought it from Lowes in June 2009. It leaks, they’re sending me a new one from AS.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Rebekah,

    I’m curious how different it looks from what I received pictured in the article above. Please return back once you receive it to everyone can benefit from your experience.

    I will say, however, American Standard seems to have superior customer service vs Toto, at least as it relates to my AS and my Toto toilets in our home.


  5. ray says:

    I have the same problem with the older white tower.AS is sending me an updated blue tower.AS Cust Services told me that I had to remove the tank part of the toilet to install the new blue guts. Haven’t received the new part yet so I don’t know what the AS instructions say. You don’t mention that in the article. I am not looking forward to removing the tank.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I believe that AS Customer Service is wrong about having to remove the tank part of the toilet.

    We never had to do this and I don’t see why one would have to do this.

    Then again, we have a one piece toilet vs what sounds like you might have a two piece toilet whose configuration I am not personally familiar.

    Do report back on how it went and if in fact you needed to remove the tank part.

    Thanks, Ray!

  7. Rebekah bowser says:

    In response to my above posting: I received the replacement blue gasket from AS. It is the exact same thing as what came with the toilet when it was bought from Lowes and subsequently leaked We installed the new gasket and it hasn’t leaked for two weeks now. I also noted sediment in the tank-possibly ceramic particles? I swishes a brush around and held open the flush valve to flush out the particles. Hopefully this will prevent a tiny piece of sediment from lodging in the gasket and causing another leak, as I’ve read can happen.

  8. Dan says:

    Hi Rebekah,

    Thanks for the update.It wouldn’t surprise me that the sediment in the take came from manufacturer of the tank.

    As noted above, the rubber seal within the original white tower had fused sufficiently that we had to break the white tower into parts to remove it. So, lesson learned for me is that no manufacturing process for anything is always going to be perfect. Yes, sediment can be inside the tank from the manufacturing or asembly processes, which should be removed before operation of the tank.


  9. mills says:

    I have the AS Champion 4 flush valve. 1st time it leaked,they sent a new blue gasket- worked for a while. 2nd time it leaked same thing. The 3rd time it leaked, they sent a new flush valve assembly which I installed- worked for awhile. 4th time-I replaced the gasket w/ one from Lowes (Red)- leaked right away. I have a new blue gasket that arrived yesterday. Still leaking….

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