Internal Toilet Leak – Part 1 – There It Goes Again

Those of you who are regular visitors to know all about our water leak issue in the basement ceiling and how it was caused by improper installation of the flow in our en suite shower. In fact you know that we wrote an entire series of articles on it (there was so much to tell).

So, you know that by now we are pretty gun shy when it comes to water leaks.

A few weeks ago we started to notice that the water was going on and off inside the house by itself. Now, this in itself is no big deal when it is due to the water in the toilet tank. Water will evaporate. And, water inside a toilet take will evaporate when it is not used for ‘a while’.

However, this was different. It was coming from the low-flow toilet in the potty room within our en suite.

american standard champion toilet Internal Toilet Leak   Part 1   There It Goes Again

It seemed like it was happening more frequently than it should. I ended up timing the frequency of the water going on to re-fill the toilet tank.

At first it was every 2 hours.

Then it was every hour and a half. Then every hour. Talk about wasting a precious resource. Talk about annoying. The toilet has not even been used for a full year.

So, what to do?

Well, we opened up the tank and took a look inside. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, other than it was not what I had expected.

american standard champion toilet 1 Internal Toilet Leak   Part 1   There It Goes Again

From the picture above, does this look like the inside of your toilet tank?

Apparently this was the standard issue with the American Standard Champion low-flow toilet. I had never seen anything so complicated in my life.

However, what do I know? I wasn’t around when the toilets were installed last year. And, I believe the toilets in this house that we replaced are  the first low-flow 6 Litre toilets we have had.

Now, the leak was internal. By that, I mean that there was no water on the floor or going through the floor to the basement. The leak was internal, with the water going into the drain from the toilet.

So, we turned off the  water to the toilet and flushed it a couple of times. We then figured that the issue was with the stopper inside the toilet tank, that somehow it was not longer completely stopping the water in the tank from leaving.

Well, armed with that, I went to the American Standard web site and looked up the Champion line of toilets. I have to admit that there was nothing there that would help us very much. Except, there was a customer service phone number.

We were connected to a real live person very quickly. And, you might be surprised what transpired. We certainly were.

Return tomorrow  and will fill you in.

To select the next article in this short series, simply select this link to Part 2.

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  1. PunkySpunky says:

    I have those too and for me the plastic square thing with foam block on the inside came off and now I don’t know how to get it back on

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