Blue Jays vs Robins

We’ve been wanting to get today’s article written and posted much earlier, but life has a way of getting in the way (or should I say shower leaks icon smile Blue Jays vs Robins )

As you may recall, the back of our home faces south and backs onto a ravine and forest.

We’ve never where our house was not backing onto another house. So, we are really enjoying all the wild life we are seeing.

Take the Blue Jay. They are a very pretty bird to us. They are even the mascot of a certain major league baseball team who won back-to-back World Series championships in the early 1990′s.

We have tried to take some pictures of them to show you with out much success.  Every once in a while in the spring one would find it’s way onto the railing of the back deck but as soon as we moved in the house it would fly away. They are a really shy and nervous bird.

Robins, no problem. We’ve posted many pictures before, including the one below, of Robins on our lawn.

robin parent 039a Blue Jays vs Robins

So a few weeks ago imagine my surprise when I was able to capture the elusive Blue Jay not once but three times.

Now, mind you, the Blue Jay was not just hangin’ out on the lawn. Rather, it was snuggled amongst the many branches of the 30+ foot high ever green tree in the back yard.

blue jay in distance Blue Jays vs Robins

Now, you will need to look closely but if you do you should find the Blue Jay in these pictures. In the picture above the Blue Jay is in the lower left of the photo. Do you see it?

Next, in the picture below the Blue Jay has its back towards us in the lower center area.

blue jay back Blue Jays vs Robins

And lastly, we have the Blue Jay facing us in the following photo.

ultimate blue jay Blue Jays vs Robins

 All three of the above pictures were taken by my 7 year old digital camera from the deck in the back of our house, about 35 feet or so away from the tree.

There you have it. As I am sure bird watching fans can attest, sometimes you just need to wait for nature to come to you.

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