Curtain Removal In The Basement

Everyone has a bunch of those tasks in the house that never seem to get done.

For me, one of them was removing the draw-string curtains in the basement by the sliding glass doors left by the prior owners. In the picture below, you can see the curtains drawn to the left with the horizontal cover across the  the sliding glass doors.

curtains and sliding glass door in basement Curtain Removal In The Basement 

Sure, they match the colour of the carpet. However, why the were installed in the first place is a bit of a mystery.

Decorating is very subjective. What someone thinks is nice and softens a room the next person will ask “What were you thinking?” icon smile Curtain Removal In The Basement

To me, one of the nice aspects of the basement is the walkout to the back yard and the view of the forest beyond.

So, why install curtains? With the deck immediately above very little sun comes in through the south facing basement windows.

Perhaps they were installed prior the deck being installed when much more sun was entering the basement, we really don’t know.

sliding doors in basement without curtains Curtain Removal In The Basement 

In the picture above the curtains have been removed. Notice how the view seems much more open to the back yard. As well, notice less clutter around the sliding glass doors to distract the view. More of the solid wood paneling can be seen to complement the trees in the forest both to the left of the sliding glass doors as well as on the top.

It migiht not look like much to you but use the vertical scroll bar on the right to scroll up and down and compare the view with (1st picture) the curtains vs without (2nd picture) the curtains.

So, the next time you are thinking of decorating the basement, especially a basement with a walkout, consider how much of the outdoors view you want to bring in side before spending your hard earned money on curtains.

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