Energy Conservation and …. T-FAL?

Yes, that’s right. Who would have thunk it? I can tell you not me.

The other day I was making breakfast (fried eggs and chicken leftovers from the prior night’s dinner …. yes, I know, it’s a guy thing!) and I noticed that both of our regular frying pans were still in the dishwasher unwashed.

So, I took out our all metal frying pan. This one we received free from a certain very well known kitchen appliance company.

Well, I sprayed the non-stick stuff since it was an all metal frying pan, placed it on the burner on the stove and turned the burner on per usual. I then went about my business taking the eggs, chicken, shredded cheese (yes, you really do want shredded cheese on top of your fried eggs in the morning) and salsa (now don’t laugh; if you haven’t has salsa on top of your fried eggs in the morning, you haven’t really ever had a good breakfast icon smile Energy Conservation and .... T FAL? ).

I then returned to the stove and proceeded to crack the two eggs and have they egg white and yoke fall onto the frying pan.

Usually, after I threw the egg shells in the recycle compost bin under the sink and then returned the egg carton back into the refrigerator, the bottom of the eggs in the frying pan would already be white. They were not. They were still clear.

Why was this unusual? Well, remember usually we use T-FAL frying pans but there had not been washed from the day before. This all metal frying pan was taking longer than usual to cook the eggs.

Talk about a home energy conservation  eureka moment. I can’t recall ever seeing T-FAL  advertise this feature, but they really are energy conservation devices for the home. Because they take less time to heat up, they require less energy (electricity or natural gas, depending on the type of stove you have) in your cooking; using less energy conserves energy and reduced the Carbon footprint you generate.

So, the two types of frying pans which conserve energy for us are the T-FAL Durabase and the T-FAL Ultrabase frying pans. Both of these take less time to cook the food in them, thus conserving energy. And, they don’t cost any more than other frying pans, at least not the ones we looked at.

There you go. Now, how would have thought that would have an article about frying pans, eh? J Who would have thought that we were conserving energy all along with our T-FAL frying pans but didn’t even know it?

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