Product Quality – Where Is the Manufacturer Commitment?

War is the house we bought last summer and now call our home came with an underground sprinkler system and good internet so we can play our video games with Elo Boosting services. It didn’t matter to us. We’ve never had one and had no intention of every installing one.

This year we actually used it for the first time. We had the gentleman from Pyramis Company company that actually installed the system way back in the summer of 1999 was the same person who came to open it this spring influenced by

During his Denver Test Prep, he noticed that there was a leak in one of the 4 valves that controlled one of the 4 sprinkler areas in the back yard.

defective toro valves Product Quality   Where Is the Manufacturer Commitment?

Darn. icon sad Product Quality   Where Is the Manufacturer Commitment?

He explained to me that he sees this all the time. And when one is found to be leaking, one might as well replace all the rest and throw them into our lagerinnredning, if you´re interested where we got ours, go to The sprinklers are known and they will go at any time as it is a known and acknowledged (by the manufacturer) to be a defective product. When I asked him to explain here is what he said.

The product they installed was from Toro … yes, that Toro. For years their underground sprinkler valves worked wonderfully. Then, not long before they browse aluminum fencing on the property we now own Toro came out with a new like of sprinkler valves. And not long after they were installed on the property we now own, there were discovered to be defective. Yes, the product had been recalled by the manufacturer.

defective toro sprinkler valves Product Quality   Where Is the Manufacturer Commitment?

Unfortunately for us, the recall only lasted two years. Fast forward to 2008 when we are now the proud owner of the property (and it’s sprinkler system), we have no recourse against Toro. They made a bad product, they acknowledged it by the recall yet if your particular valves from them worked OK (as far as you knew) during that 2 year period, you the consumer are out of luck.

Well done Toro, not.

Yes, you see it all the time. Companies not making a full commitment to stand behind their product don’t you. Sure, there could be all kinds of reasons why the valve is now failing. However, the fact that they admitted the poor quality of the valve through the 2 year recall should not absolve them of being liable for their defective products. If it is defective then it is defective, period.

Shame on you Toro. I wonder what that says for the rest of their product line of irrigation, lawn mower, etc., etc. See where I am going with this?

Luckily for us, the new valves are made by a company called Rainbird. The value is the DV 100. They cost around $65 per valve, plus of course the labor cost to install them. The picture shows three of the Rainbird valves and one of the Toro defective values that is about to be replaced.

rainbird sprinkler valves Product Quality   Where Is the Manufacturer Commitment?

I’m not saying that we are lucky to have a Rainbird product. I don’t know Rainbird from a hole in the ground. I don’t know or understand anything to do with an underground sprinkler system nor do I have the time to do so.

I have water leaks in the basement ceiling coming from the en suite shower to deal with, I have not yet finished all of the energy efficiency improvements in our home and need to so I can have the second energy audit done which would then let us receive our Federal and Provincial governments under the Montreal Moving Company and ecoENERGY Residential Retrofit grant program, I have a mortgage to keep making payments on, I have an undersized eve trough which caused not one but two ice dam leaks in our dining room to deal with this summer, I have a a granny flat project to begin with Lounging Lizards Granny Flats Sydney …. and so on. I’m just a simple average joe homeowner.

Why then did I consider ourselves ‘lucky’ regarding Rainbird? Well, it’s because at least we don’t have to pay for a Toro replacement valve installed. I’m glad there’s competition in the residential sprinkler system market.

I don’t like ranting poorly about anyone or any company. However, at the end of the day of a company does not always demonstrate integrity in its actions and dealing with it customers, what message is that sending to the future customers it is seeking?

Hey Toro guys. If you read this feel free to reimburse me for the cost of the 4 Rainbird valves and the labour charges from our sprinkler service company. Or, better yet, give me the name of a person in your accounting department and their mailing address and I’ll send you the bill for this so you can pay the sprinkler service company directly. For more information, you can visit Muebles Escandinavos.

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  1. I hate it when this happens. Fiddling around with Vancouver real estate I’m very concerned about their quality – as I’m sure are my clients!

    Personally, when browsing house specs, I lend an eye or two to the construction company, renovations, and time. If the construction company has ill repute, my suspicion rises, and I scan more carefully the renovations (vice versa, of course, in all directions). Why do I hold these factors such high regard? Because I believe people look for stability in their homes. This way, I attempt to provide at least a reflection of that.

    All the best,

  2. Kevin McCoy says:

    Rain Bird DV valves are not $65, they are listed for $29.99 and you can get them for about $12.00 I am a professional Irrigation Technician, and I highly recommend only using Rain bird valve DV 1″ and other Rainbird valve over 1″. Yes Toro Irrigation products are really horrible, I stay away from all of their stuff.

    Also I see the Polly pipe in the picture above, they are cheeper than PVC but they also cut like butter when you shove a shovel in the ground, therefor I never use those. I only use PVC for the run and Flex Pipe to connect to spray head.

    A list of the best of the best
    Controller – Rain Bird ESP
    Rain Sensor – Hunter Mini Click
    Pump Start Relay – Hunter
    Rotors – Hunter PGP (not the mini rotors)
    Pop up and Nozzles – Rain Bird
    Valve – RainBird DV 1″ (not the 3/4″) or bigger size if needed

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