Robins – Part 6 – Gone, But Not Forgotten

In Part 5 we showed pictures of the baby Robins maturing in their nest underneath our deck in the back yard. They are gone now.

It took approximately 2 and 1/2 weeks from the time they hatched from the eggs until they flew the coop. Sure, we will miss them. But we have a great story to tell.

baby robins 010 Robins   Part 6   Gone, But Not Forgotten

On the evening when they were about to leave, the first baby Robin jumped down from the next to the lawn in the back yard; quite a feat in itself as it was a 7 foot drop. The bird just sat there on the grass a mere 10 feet from the sliding doors in the basement out to the backyard.

Well, our pet dog, Sandy, wanted to go out the back yard to (so we thought) do her ‘business’ icon smile Robins   Part 6   Gone, But Not Forgotten . However, she was really spying on what was happening in the backyard and wanted to see what was up.

new watering can Robins   Part 6   Gone, But Not Forgotten

So, Cath went downstairs and let her out, only to find her making a bee-line to the Robin on the ground. Uh-Oh!

Now, the baby Robin survived the 7 foot drop but could not or did not want to fly away. So, with it’s brothers and sisters watching and cheering it on from the nest upon high, the baby Robin on the ground wanted to get away from Sandy as fast as it could. So, what did it do? It hopped all the entire length of our back yard … approximately 50 feet! However, picture this. A young Robin hopping the entire length of the back yard to reach the fence in the back yard and the forest beyond with our pet dog, Sandy, low to the ground sniffing it all the way.

Quite a funny sight.

robin parent 039a Robins   Part 6   Gone, But Not Forgotten

However, the parent Robins were watching what was going on and quickly sprung into action.

Picture this, if you will:

  • the young Robin hopping the length of the back yard
  • Sandy, our pet dog, following it, hop for hop, sniffing at this strange visitor to our property
  • the Robin parents dive bombing Sandy to try and stop it from sniffing this first of the Robin babies
  • Sandy being confused by what the parent Robins were up to

In the end, the baby Robin made it safely to the forest beyond our backyard. Sandy, confused by all this commotion made her way back to the safety of the basement.

This ends our series on our baby Robins. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed the baby Robins. Hopefully they will return next year.

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