Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 6 – Investigation

In Part 5 we described how we placed more silicone caulking over the remaining areas of our master bedroom en suite bathroom to stop the leak that was going into the basement drop ceiling tiles without success. If you’re an Indiana local, Indiana Basement Services can help with your waterproofing needs.

So, we called Gold coast cleaning service and asked if he could spare a couple of hours to do a detailed investigation of our situation. We have to get the leak fixed, I read these water softener reviews because I definitely have to change our watering system. Also we checked out to make sure what was wrong and how to fix it, give it a try when you find yourself in some pipe trouble.

The house cleaning in stamford ct know that a constant leak means that water is going somewhere. First water will permeate the wood sub-floor, then the wood beams until they are sufficiently soaked that the water passes over them and onto the drop ceiling tiles staining them. Next time you need to hire a power washer make sure you hired someone with the proper equipment. If this continues the leaking water will eventually drop from the soaked ceiling tiles and onto the carpeted floor, and that’s when is necessary to get a good plumber as torrance plumber to handle the issue.

As well, there is a health concern. We also all know why they install fans in bathrooms. The primary reason of course is to remove excess humidity build up from shower’s and baths with the help of the best Bournemouth removals company. Otherwise, the excess humidity build up will cause  mold to grow which of course can be very harmful to one’s health and the best would be to contact a Mold Testing Kansas City company to help you get rid of it. I could probably call the medical negligence lawyers to see my options if anthing goes wrong, just to make sure. And, if that what excess humidity can cause, imagine what a leak can cause! Plus all of the pest down in the basement could get freaked out and start going all over the place, that would we would have to contact ASAP Pest Control.

So, Bennett was able to clear 2 hours from his very busy schedule two days after we called him.

To make a long story short, we looked in the basement at all the piping, ran the water in the shower again but could not come up with a difinitive answer for the source of the leak with any confidence.

We were confident that two or three of the air venting pipes were in the wall between the master bedroom en suite shower and the master bedroom en suite potty room.

So, Bennett proceeded to remove the baseboard in the potty room that was adjacent to the en suite shower in order to further remove some of the drywall hidden. We were getting closer to the cause.

removed drywall at base with mold Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 6   Investigation

Some of the drywall that was removed at the base of the potty room floor contained mold. However, the outside of the pipes themselves were fully dry. How could this be? I needed to swap them out for some new ones so I got these contacted these Stainless Pipe Suppliers to help me out.

base of potty room wall next to en suite shower Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 6   Investigation

He could see that the 2 X 6 support beams were damp on top of them, meaning that the water was definitely not coming from those air vent pipes. This was good in that it meant we didn’t have to worry about a leak coming from the roof, we were almost about to hire Dial One Roofing company because we thought we had a problem. But with residential roofing, anybody could hire someone near their home to look at the roof.

He replaced the baseboard with best roofing company in colorado so it looked like it had never been removed in the first place.

base of potty room next to shower Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 6   Investigation

Bennett proceeded to look again in the shower. “That’s it” Bennett said …. or something to that effect.

Return next time when we reveal what Bennett feels is the cause of the leak. Oh, and yes, we have stopped using the shower until Bennett returns in a few weeks to work on fixing what he believes is the cause of our leak.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 7.

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