Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 5 – More Shower Caulking

A few months ago in Part 4 when we last visited our basement leak Bennett, our kitchen installer, had come over and found more grout that appeared to not be properly finished in the shower of the en suite.

The three air pipes in the basement from which water was dripping down onto the drip ceiling tiles in the basement were located directly underneath the en suite shower, lots of roofing companies come by because not all can fix everything, so for this part Roofing Columbia did their best job ever. Most of use have in our basements our Laundry Room, but during this works, it may be unusable, that’s why is important to always have an alternative for those times like 24 hour laundromat so you don’t get behind in your life just because of that. Roofing companies miami had to come by and fix that part of the ceiling.

Upon a closer examination of the shower stall by Bennett, he noticed that the area where the bottom of the marble ledge met the vertical tile had noticeable gap in the grout.

space between marble cap and vertical tile Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 5   More Shower Caulking

So, my task was to apply caulking to this area. I also noticed other areas on the same side with the same missing grout. To make sure I did everything correct I read a blog by a Renovator in Castle Hill. I needed his step by step instructions.

However, since the shower had been used now for about 5 months, Bennett suggested two things before I applied the silicone caulking. One was to really clean the tile. And the second was to use a little sand paper to rough up the grout so the caulking would actually have something rough to adhere. regarding my floor plans I’m just thinking on getting some carpets or rugs to make it look like it should be, and also make it cleaner by using them to removing the mug and sort, probably will get them at You may also want to clean your air ducts with the help of Pure Airways. They clean your air ducts with the highest quality service.

So, these are the tools I used for this.

tools to fix space in grout Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 5   More Shower Caulking

I then did what Bennett suggested. I used CLR mixed with an equal amount of water to really get any soap and calcium buildup off of the tile directly underneath the marble ledge. I then used the sand paper to rough up the remaining grout in that area. Lastly I applied a liberal amount of the silicone caulking. I also needed to examine exactly where the leak was coming so I drill a hole near the water source since I read a Cordless Impact Wrench buyers guide and got a new one since, of course I repair the hole after since I got all the information I needed.

The next day I took my shower and then about an hour later went downstairs to see if there was any wet spot on the ceiling tile. Nope. All dry. Things were looking up. icon smile Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 5   More Shower Caulking

Later that morning Cath took her shower. I went downstairs a couple of hours later and checked the spot on the ceiling tile. icon sad Basement Ceiling Leak   Part 5   More Shower Caulking Wet. Very wet. Since I have to go downstairs and upstairs a lot, so I’m thinking on getting a home elevator so me and my family can gain greater access and mobility.

The leak was not solved.

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