Robins – Part 5 – Growing Up

In Part 4 we presented two videos made with a digital camera of a mother Robin feeding her babies within a week of their birth.

Today we present additional pictures taken a few days later.

What you will notice, if you compare the following pictures to those in Part 3 are how much the babies have matured.

In these pictures, the young Robins have taken on a much more mature bird like appearance. Look how large they are now as they sing in harmony to their parents for more food.

baby robins 010 Robins   Part 5   Growing Up

From what we can tell from other sites, it takes only a couple of weeks for the baby Robins to go from hatching to growing sufficiently mature to leave the nest.

Notice in this picture how the parent Robin greets them and tries to decide who to feed. icon smile Robins   Part 5   Growing Up

baby robins 011 Robins   Part 5   Growing Up

If this is correct, by this time next week the nest will be empty. icon sad Robins   Part 5   Growing Up   Notice in the picture above the development after only 1 week of the feathers on the wings of one of the baby Robins.

baby robins 012 Robins   Part 5   Growing Up

Notice in the picture below the parent Robin in action, if you will, feeding one of the young.

baby robins 013 Robins   Part 5   Growing Up

I tried to take a picture for you of the Robins in their nest from on top of the deck. However, with the very narrow space between the planks of wood on the deck top, one cannot see the baby Robins.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 6.

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