Robins – Part 3 – An Early Feeding Of The Babies

In Part 2 we introduced you to the new baby Robins that were born into the bird nest underneath our deck.

Today, we have some pictures of an early feeding.

Again, we do not want to be intrusive. So, the following pictures might not be as clear as they might otherwise be.

Here is the first of the parent Robin in the nest with the gang getting ready to feed.

baby robins 031a Robins   Part 3   An Early Feeding Of The Babies

Does anyone know if just the mother Robin does the feeding? Or, does the father Robin also pitch in? Please let us know as we are curious about this.

Yes, the babies snuggle together, sharing body heat, when they are resting. But, when it’s meal time it’s every baby for itself as they do their best to bet the attention of the feeding parent Robin, including straining their necks upward.

baby robins 032a Robins   Part 3   An Early Feeding Of The Babies

Above is an ‘action shot’ of one of the babies receiving nourishment.

Now, we have noticed that once the baby Robins hatched, the parents were never around. We found that strange. The only time an adult Robin was around was during feeding time. There would be hours on end when the baby Robins would be left on their own.

We didn’t expect that at all. That is very different from what humans tend to do; i.e. be around the baby all the time to protect it and help it. But, not our Robin parents. Is this typical for baby Robins? Please let us know.

Next time,a treat for you. We will provide not one but two short videos of the baby Robins (we have Jen, Sue, Gui and the gang at the Authority Blogger Forum for helping us to get the video’s working in Part 4 of this series). How did we do this without being intrusive? We’ll fill you in on that secret next time.

To continue to the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 4.

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