Robins – Part 2 – Robin Babies Arrive

In the first article in this series, we introduced you to the home renovation within the home renovation; i.e. the pair of Robins renovating the nest underneath the back yard deck. We saw the mother Robin in the nest but could not see any eggs.

Well within 2 weeks from when we first spotted mother Robin in the nest, not only were eggs, but they had hatched! Talk about a home, or, um, nest renovation that had to be completed on time!!!! icon smile Robins   Part 2   Robin Babies Arrive

Now, we have to be careful. We don’t want to spook the mother Robin by being too intrusive in our effort to take pictures to the point where she might abandon the nest.

I remember growing up my Mom would remind me not to touch a bird’s next or it’s eggs should we come across them as this would place human sent on the nest and eggs and cause the bird not to return.

So, here are the early pictures of the newly hatched Robins. Many of them are taken from inside our basement, so the view through the basement window is not as clear as it might be otherwise.

For the record, there are a total of 4 babies!

In this pictures the heads of the baby Robins can barely be seen above the nest.

baby robins 013a Robins   Part 2   Robin Babies Arrive

Now, in the picture above, notice the position of the nest.

  • It is covered on top by the top of the deck, with only minor space for the sun (or rain icon sad Robins   Part 2   Robin Babies Arrive ) to enter.
  • It is supported by a pair of 2 X 6 support beams underneath.
  • To one side there is another 2 X 6 beam against which the nest is also positioned.
  • Finally, the the left of the nest is sufficient space for the mother Robin to land on in order to take care of the babies.

baby robins 016a Robins   Part 2   Robin Babies Arrive

This is really exciting for us. Mother Nature at her finest. What a great opportunity to view nature at work.

In our prior house we had a Robin’s nest built one year on the ledge above the door to the back yard. But, it was not covered from the elements or from the predators. After the birds hatched, we had crows flying around the nest and the next day all of the babies were gone. Did the crows get to them? Did the mother Robin move them to a more secure area? Can a mother Robin actually do that? I have no idea.

In our article tomorrow, we get our first look at the mother Robin feeding the new babies. It’s really quit exciting. So, be sure to return tomorrow.

To continue with the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 3.

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