Replacing Our Gutters – Part 7 – The Corners

In Part 6 we talked about the machine used by Roland, our gutter replacement dude, as well as most eavestrough installation firms.

Today, we have another decision to make according to Ronald. Do we want the pre-constructed corners or not?  What, I say? He explains.

With gutters there are two basic ways of approaching corners. You can have the installer cut on a 45 degree angle the ends of the gutters at the corners of the house and then ‘fuse’ them together in a variety of ways, followed by sealant on the inside to prevent leaks. This can work, but the down side is that the corners will not be precise and over time will separate and start to leak. As well, the effort to fuse the two ends of the gutters can easily damage the outside of the gutter and look shoddy.

The other option is to use pre-constructed corners. Below are two pictures of what they look like:


gutter corner 1 Replacing Our Gutters   Part 7   The Corners



This second picture shows the inside of the pre-manufactured eavestrough corner.


eavestrough pre manufactered corner Replacing Our Gutters   Part 7   The Corners



According to Style by Carden Exteriors, the advantages are that the corners are already made and it is very easy to attach these pre-made gutter corners to either end of the eavestrough that are cut on a 90 degree angle at each end.The disadvantage is that when they are employed, there is the appearance of three seams at the corner; the corner itself, and about 4 inches from the corner where both gutters are placed into the pre-formed corner.

Here is a picture of two gutters coming to the corner of the garage wall.


gutter ends before corder unit Replacing Our Gutters   Part 7   The Corners



Now, here is picture of the gutter corner in place. If you look very, very closely you can see the screws on the outside attaching the pre-manufactured corner unit to either gutter.


eavestrough corner Replacing Our Gutters   Part 7   The Corners



Lastly, here is a picture of the sealant applied to interior of a pre-manufactured corner unit that was installed on the end of a gutter.  According to Ronald, gutter corners can be installed before or after the eavestrough is actually installed on the roof line.


gutter corner interior sealant Replacing Our Gutters   Part 7   The Corners



Next time, the elegant downspout solution for the front wall of our garage facing the street.

To continue to the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 8 and the first solution.

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  1. Quinn says:

    Has the “gutter expert” never heard of a strip mitre? Strip mitres and hand cut mitres are the most common methods I have come across in the nearly 16 years I have been in the field of guttering throughout Washington, Oregon, Kansas, and Missouri. Box mitres as shown are becoming increasingly unacceptable to consumers and builders in many markets because they do not only appear to have three seams, there actually are three seams. Strip mitres only have one seam if cut right, and also come in bay window angle varieties(box mitres don’t) as for hand cut mitres-they are not “fused” they are mitred and when done correctly look much more professional than a box mitre and last just as long( I have never seen one of my hand cut mitres come apart). Hand mitred corners are the traditional method and the only method for acute, obtuse, or drop compound mitres.The best thing about a box mitre is that it is almost idiot proof for installers, but I have seen just as many box mitre leaks due to sloppy installation as any other method.I know many excellent professional installers, and most of them no longer offer box mitres because they look so “do-it yourselfer” and require alot more caulking (by the way, what on earth is that sealant used in the pictures? Every one I know uses Ruscoe, Geocel or OSI) . Of course most homeowners probably don’t notice the difference.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Quinn,

    Many thanks for the comments.

    Ronald gave me two choices, the premade corners or your suggested approach. Yes, your suggested approach has only one seam.

    The reason Ronald suggested the premade corner was that with the other approach, according to Ronald, many times the corners end up being mis-shaped and a if that occurred a greater risk of leak over the long term.

    To me (who is not one of your excellent professional installers and not someone with your 16 years in the business, but just an average home owner)I went with the lower risk approach.

    It’s good that you shared your experience so that our site’s visitors can be more informed and know what to ask their gutter replacement contractors if they come across the same situation.


  3. Jaco says:

    Here is what you want from a gutter installer. 1. Prime aluminum and proof of where they buy youre coil, if you have to buy a micrometer if you feel uncomfortable and check the guage. It should be .027 or .032.
    2. You want hidden hangers with a built in screw, not the hangers that they use a seperate 1 inch screw, the screw is part of the hanger. 3. All parts must be pre-painted from the factory the same color as the gutter or downspouts. Screws, endcaps, downspout straps, elbows etc. If you see youre installer with spray paint you are asking for discoloration in a week. I never use spray paint. 4. Hand cut miters.
    Also you want a contractors license. If you get all this with an experienced installer you should be okay.

  4. David says:

    I, for one, am glad that you did it the way you did. You see, I have a mitered corned that I need to replace because, 1) the miter has opened and 2) Someone, when building an adjacent patio roof, decided to help anchor it by driving a half-dozen nails into the corner of the gutter.

    For me, the best solution is to cut out the old corner and replace it with a corner such as you used. Thanks!

  5. Leo says:

    Quinn you are the idiot.
    Fast talking, short cut artist.
    Not a good contractor.

    Been There Done That.

  6. dentist says:

    My gutter guy says he wants to spray paint ends to match commerical brown colour of eaves. I said no – is this usually done?



    • Dan says:

      Hi Dentist,
      Sorry, but I have no idea. I do not specialize in gutters; in fact I have personally never installed them, hence why I used an installer.


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