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What do Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and Ron Hazelton’s HouseCalls all have in common? Besides home renovation I mean? icon smile Basement Systems

All three have used products from Basement Systems.

I have written previously about the important to the average home owner of credentials provided by companies providing home renovation or home energy conservation goods or services. As a home owner you don’t have the time to investigate every Tom, Dick or Harry. Home owners need evidence of trust worthy credentials to help them feel confident that their chosen supplier will do right by them, especially if the work needed cannot be performed by the home owner themselves.

Sometimes this is in the form of prior work down for the home owner themselves. An example of this is Bennett who was hired by our kitchen design firm to install our remodelled kitchen. We liked his work so much that we are having him deal with our basement leak situation.

Sometimes this is in the form of prior work done for others. This was the case for us with Ronald who replaced our gutters. Ronald was recommended to us by friends of ours.

But if you do not know the vendor, what can you do to feel confident that they will do right by you. Credentials.

In addition to being used by well known home renovation media, Basement Systems states to have 142,000 basement water proofing system and service customers, 25 Patents and 22 innovation prizes for their waterproofing products.

There are two products from Basement Systems that I find very intriguing as they are needs that we have in our own home. The first is the SaniDry Basement Air System, an ENERGY STAR rated dehumidifier for basements or crawl spaces sufficiently powerful to help reduce most mold fungi growth. This device is said to be able to take up to 100 pints of water per day out of the air and filter particles out of the air to less than two microns in size while using the same energy as a 40 pint dehumidifier.

The second product which is intriguing to us is the ThermalDry Floor System. Think of these as more than ordinary floor tiles; more because this product’s raised pegs (creating a total of 1/2 inch hieght to the basement floor) on the underside enable it to act as a vapor varrier and thermal break between the basement’s concrete floor and the topside of the tile.

We are thinking that a product like this could be used to both finish the workroom in our basement where we have carpet remnants on the concrete floor as well as in the 2-piece bathroom as well as the area around the hot water tank and furnace, both areas of which currently have lenolium directly on the same concrete floor.

Lastly, what we like about this basement renovation and repair products and services supplier is their attempt, like some but not all vendors in this industry, to educate homeowners. On their web site they have an area called the Learning Center where they provide information on their areas of focus which I find very informative. I hope they expand this area to help educate consumers.

If you have need to learn more about what is possible to repair or renovation your basement area, you might find it useful to checkout Basemenet Systems web site, their products and services.

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